Happy Birthday and Hello!

Semoga panjang umur and murah rezeki so that you can buy me lots and lots of DVDs from yesasia.com… heeheehee…
Today, I went for my monthly check up. Would love to upload the baby ultrasound picture but I don’t see the point because all I can see is the kepala and the nose… I’m so “Rachel”! can’t even see my own kid punya bentuk. What I saw (thanks to the doctor for ruining my ‘surprise! It’s a girl/boy’ in the labour room), was a little birdie. I think that’s the thing that I thought I saw. She went all like “I’m not gonna say what, but I think it’s clear enough for you to guess”. What else could be more obvious than a sosej on a black and white ultrasound scan?! So, I went all psycho and broke all my rules of not telling anybody about the gender and not buying specific colour (blue/pink) for the kid. Apa-apa pun, Alhamdulillah… All 10 toes and fingers are in order. Amazing!
After the doctor trip, we went to KWSP to get Abu’s i-account pin number. And then, we went to Mid Valley to get Abu his birthday gift (which is his selipar) but we ended up buying baby clothes @ Baby Gap. EXPENSIVE!!! Too cute to resist though. So I guess that’ll be the first and the last time I’m gonna buy small clothings there. But whoever wants to get me baby gifts, I’ll be more tha happy to except any one of those expensive baju from Gap. :p
Oraits… I’m watching the X-Files season 6 now. Can’t believe that David Duchovny use to be super hot. I still think he is. 🙂 Till pen meet paper (or keyboard meet watever), here’s something for you guys to smile about;
pen merah,
pen biru,
you marah,
I love you…
p/s: got that from my standard 6 autograph book

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday and Hello!

  1. z says:

    hey i’ve a better one –

    u scream i scream we all scream for ice cream

    webboh – happy birthday

    david duchovny was super hot. WAS!!!

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