3 thoughts on “4D scan – Part 2

  1. Erra says:


    simpan segala scan nih … nanti your kid kahwin leh wat video clip … i leh tolong nyanyikan as background music … free of charge tau!

  2. naziah says:

    that’s a good idea…. and we’ll start the video by, “this is how she looks like in the womb… and now, her mak erra will sing us a song about it….”

    p/s: i’ve decided to teach my kid to use mak/pak/makcik/pakcik instead of uncle/aunty… more malaysian…

  3. Ash says:

    Horay! So HS1 newest member would be a girl, eh? Congrats to both you and Abu. Weh, kasitau tau bila ko dah deliver. Boleh kami datang melawat. Take care.

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