I disagree with the judges!

I don’t kno what’s wrong with me tonite. Or maybe there’s something wrong with Randy, Simon and Paula. I disagree with watever comments they gave to the top 10 boys…

Ok… IMO;

Phil Stacey: He can sing but what’s with the song selection? I don’t like the performance. I thought that it was too safe for him choosing that type of song.

Jared Cotter: CORNY!

AJ Tabaldo: I like his performance. Still a bit gay-ish (again, no offence to anyone. Remember! I love George Michael…) but it was good. I still think he won’t make it to the top 12…

Sanjaya Malakar: He should not be on stage again next week, BUT I think he’s got a really strong fan base. Michael Jackson wannabe. he even sound like MJ when he talks! Scary….

Chris Sligh: Call me biased but I love his voice. The song, not so much, but the voice is superb. He doesn’t have any problem singing. I hope he choose better songs…

Brandon Rogers: Even my aunt (Kak Norma) asked me , ‘Brandon who?’ when I told her I think he’ll be going home. So boring!!!!!!!!!!! That’s why he’ll be a backup singer for the rest of his life!

Nick Pedro: Don’t even get me started on this dude…

Blake Lewis: I agree with Simon on this. The song choice was good but it sounded funny. Out of tune a bit la I think. Very clever song choice tho…

Chris Richardson: YUCKS! (Sorry Esah…)… So bloody Justin Timberlake wannabe. He sounds so nasally (new word for your vocab.. It means; he sounds like err… like singing from his nose). How could Randy compare him to Jason Mraz?! Jason Mraz is a fantastic singer! He does not sound better than Jason Mraz!!!!!

Sundance Head: Again… I’m biased… I love the song. I love his voice. But he was shouting, not singing. Still, a very good performance.

All in all, it was better than last week. My prediction: Brandon Rogers and Nick Pedro out. However, I’d rather pick Brandon than Sanjaya. Sanjaya will stay because he got all the High School Musical fan’s vote…. And also the grandma vote….

A special mention to my husband. It’s MexiCAN, not MexiCON…

My top 5 performance:

  1. Sundance
  2. AJ
  3. Chris Sligh
  4. Blake
  5. No one else deserve to be on the list….


I’ve been trying to update the blog for days but there’s something wrong with either the connection @ home, or the website itself! So frustrating…

Just a few shoutouts to my friends;

Jason David: Good to have you back. Although, you might want to cover the ‘belly’. It’s not the operation scar that scares me… It’s the hairy tummy… :p!

Mary Boo: Get well soon! What’s up with you and Jason? Lepas satu, satu masuk hospital…. Macam twins…. If the other one is sick, the second one will follow… P/S: I kno you’d rather have me to be your evil twin than that bloody JD.

Benjamin: I expect you to give me a ‘labor gift’ or at least a teddy bear for my kid when she comes out. Don’t be too stingy Pakcik Ben!

Esah: What’s ‘viva’? Ngak jelas dong! Gue ngak paham….

Cat: Mr Isaak! I’m like Spocke… I teleporte from Japan!

Marina: I miss you!

Amelia: I miss you more!

Su Yin: I think I saw watsisname and he REALLY do have a nice a**!

Zizie: Selamat berurut!

All other friends: My back doesn’t hurt, but my pusat feels like bursting out!!!!

Ladies Nite – Da’Bomb!

Impressive… That’s all I wanna say about last nite. So here’s my list again, and the verdict of who get’s to go home tonite….

  1. Melinda Doolittle – From the beginning, until the end of her performance, she was ‘PERFORMING’. She’s so humble and that will win the viewers.
  2. LaKisha Jones – WOW! She really, really can sing.
  3. Sabrina Sloan – Amazing vocal… She reminds me of Mya (lookwise).
  4. Jordin Sparks – Another good singer with a big voice. She reminded me of the girl who plays Ugly Betty.
  5. Stephanie Edwards – I think everybody agrees if I say she looks like Fantasia. But most definitely better singing….
  6. The rest of them – Average singing.

My verdict: Amy Krebs (tsk..tsk..tsk… Thinking that you can beat people like Lakisha with that type of song…) and Alaina Alexander (I don’t think her looks can save her. It was really bad)

So my top 5 performances overall:

  1. Melinda
  2. LaKisha
  3. Sabrina
  4. Blake
  5. Jordin

AI6 – The boys

I’m stuck at home, having measles and fever! The least that the world could offer me was a good show!!!! I’m not gonna say much about it. Let me just give you nice people my verdict of last nite’s show; let me put it in a list from top to bottom of the performance that I liked…

  1. Blake Lewis – very good, very original
  2. Phil Stacey – the standard was pretty low last nite. At least he doesn’t sound that bad and I kno the song.
  3. Jared Cotter – he’s really cute!!!!! ok la… can sing.. only the ending part was weird.
  4. Chris Sligh – he disappoints me! the song choice was not good at all. He was right about the whole ‘Il Divo’ thing (padan muka Simon) but it was kind of harsh for a first show.
  5. The rest of the contestants… – they all sucked big time!!!!

The 2 person that will leave the show: Paul Kim (I’m biased on this… He ruined my favourite male artist’s song!!!!) and AJ Tabaldo (the whole performance was too gay-ish : no offence to any gay person. I love George Michael, if you must kno…)

Let’s wait for the ladies tonite. I read in EW.Com, the ladies rule! Can’t wait… I’m still in no mood to par-tay with the music, but I’ll watch the show… Fever + pregnancy = no fun at all!

What we claim… But in reality…


  1. You claimed that this is your favourite movie; Batman Begins. I always thought that Batman is my passion. It turned out that Christian Bale was the main attraction for me in the movie. He’s SUPER HOT!
  2. But in actual fact, your favourite movie is; A walk to remember… WHAT?! It’s a nice love story… He asked her to marry him although she’s dying. So depressing…
  3. You claimed that your favourite singer is; Aerosmith. Steve Tyler rawks! —> people think I’m cool when I say that. (Stop rolling your eyes Cat! And Benjamin, I don’t appreciate you smirking at me as well…)
  4. But in actual fact, your favourite singer is; Mariah Carey. We (Marina, Cat and I) make fun of her crazy-bimboish personality. But she’s one hell of a singer. I’m just too shy to admit that I like bimbos… :p
  5. You claimed that this is the biggest crush you’ve ever had; Legolas… Tall, blonde, blue eyes, green tights, arrows and bows…. *sigh*…..
  6. But in actual fact, your biggest crush is; Simon Cowell… The only reason why I don’t admit to this is because I usually only like tall people. Simon is not that tall. He got this weird body portion BUT his accent and attitude is to die for… He pronounce Sundance as ‘Sun-dahnce’ for god sake! *sigh*…
  7. You claimed that this is your worst bad habit; Lying… I’m a good liar. I make Joo Yoo Rin look like an amature (Joo Yoo Rin is a character in a Korean Drama called ‘My Girl’. She’s a very impressive liar. My idol!)
  8. But in actual fact, your worst bad habit is; Temper-tantrum… I threw a much more worst hissy-fit than my cats. Make me mad and you’ll be branded throughout your whole life! And I don’t keep it to myself… I’m a blabber mouth. I’ll tell everyone that I’m mad at you… You won’t like it if everyone start to look at you differently. I’ll add spices to my stories as well…. I’m a good bad tempered-liar!
  9. You claimed that you can’t live without these things; Coffee, cats, and pretty boys… Coffee = Longevity, Cats = good listener, never judge you (verbally to your face).. Boys = eye candy, good for your soul
  10. But in actual fact, you can’t do without; Families, friends and cats… Families = I’m too attached to my mom, sister and husband. They always think that I’m an independent perosn, but that’s all a cover-up! Friends = I especially won’t survive without those people who dig my jokes. Abu don’t usually get the ‘bimbo jokes’. Engineers joke about calculators and computers (coughGEEKcough)… Cats = True to the last piece of hair. I don’t think that I’ve ever been without a cat in my life. Even when I was in TKC we had this stray cat that we always feed. In UIA, we sembunyi the cats in the toilet whenever there’s inspection. I don’t really talk to my cat, despite watever that I wrote earlier on. I just like looking at them and biting their ears off their head!
  11. You claimed that you are; The devil in disguise, here to balance the good on earth. Yes, yes… i get the ‘if you are here, who’s running hell’ joke all the time. I’m not a bad person, I’m just nicely challeged.
  12. But in actual fact; An angel sent from above…. Hahahahahah! (Cat, again, stop rolling your eyes)

Let the competition begins! Boys night out…

It’s that time of the year again… No, not the income tax review. It’s the top 24 show for Season 6 of American Idol. This year, I had the opportunity of watching all of the audition shows (amazing! my ‘schedule’ likes me this year… :p). In my opinion, this year, the boys are much, much, much better than the girls (notice the ‘much’x3). So since next week’s show will be the top 12 boys going for the top 6 spots, I’ll start the guessing game with them first.
I dunno who this dude is… Let me find his name… Err…. AJ Tabaldo. Oh! Now I remember him! Err… Nope… Still haven’t got a clue.
Blake Lewis, the Beat-Boxer. To tell you the truth, I’ve never heard him singing. It’s always the beat boxing thingy but he’s good. I liked the group performance in Hollywood. It was excellent! Not my favourite contestant, but might be able to win America’s heart to the top 6.
The backup singer dude; Brandon Rogers. He can sing but not that memorable. 50-50 chance of going thru to top 6.

One of the best singer of the season. I also like his name… It’s like ‘Rain’ or ‘Fox’… Sundance Head is no doubt one of the better singer in the competition. He just needs to choose his songs correctly and I’m sure he’ll end up in the top 5 of the season.

I like this one! The only problem with Sanjaya Malakar is that he is too err… how should I put this.. err… too kiddish? Nope.. Not kiddish… Too humble? Maybe… Anyways, he needs to ‘shine’ on stage. The judges likes him but Simon WILL say something bad if he’s not performing well. And I’m afraid that he might just cry on stage…

Justin Timberlake wannabe. Actually, Chris Richardson kinda sounds better than Justin (JT’s fan, please do not kill me!). Again, not a favourite of mine but I think he’ll make it to the top 6. The Americans love wannabes!
I love this guy! He’s got the voice and personality. Absolutely one of my favourite this year. He sounds like Meatloaf. I wish he would sing ‘I would do anything for love’ or ‘All coming back to me’ in the competiton. Americans, if any of you are reading my blog, vote for him please… I’ll pay for the cost! Go Chris Sligh!
Jared Cotter… Good looking kid… Voice is OK only. I don’t think he’ll make it to the next round….



I don’t think he is a good singer. He’s an OK singer but not impressive enough. I think Nicholas Pedro will not make it to the top 6 boys.



 This dude is over- doing his talent! Got the voice, hate the over-the-top bit. Will not make it if he continue what he’s doing. Paul Kim needs a wake-up call…


If he’s my husband, I’ll kill him for missing my labor pain! But Phil Stacey can sing. I just hope he realize that he missed his daughter’s birth for something that he’s not gonna get any good results back. He’s not gonna win the Idol, but he’ll be in the top 6.
Rudy Cardenas is one of my favourite BUT I don’t think the Americans share my passion for his infectious smile and dimples. 🙂
Hopefully, he’ll get a spot on the top 6 so that people could realize that he’s talented.

The conclusion of my babble this morning:

My pick for the top 6 boys:
1. Chris Sligh
2. Sundance Head
3. Sanjaya Malakar
4. Blake lewis
5. Phil Stacey
6. Chris Richardson
Let’s wait and see if my pick gets the spot this year. Last year, I rooted for Elliot Yamin. He should be in the top 2 spot… Katherine McPhee was clever enough to give us one memorable song, instead of 3 good ones….
So girls and boys, waiting for your comments… Agree or disagree?

Another set of useless but interesting info…

Also taken from Esah’s blog… 🙂

The colors of life

1. Are you currently mad at someone?
I’m always mad at someone. Especially those drivers who tak sabar-sabar nak potong my car and stare as if they are running away from death. Well, I got news for you stupid a**; you are going towards it!!!!

2. Which family member has the worst temper?
I don’t have the answer to that, but the most sabar person in my family would be my Grandpa… the coolest ever!

3. Does your face turn red when you are angry?
Nope! my eyes will become smaller and steam will come out of my ears…

4. When you’re mad do you yell or stare angrily?
1. Has anyone thrown a surprise party for you?
Never. So sad… I’ve never had a birthday party in my entire life.

2. Are you easily excited?
Nope. Unless it involves me packing up my stuff, going to the airport, and arriving at Narita Airport.

3. What event coming up are you most excited about?
Me giving birth la of course. have less than 3 months more… (I think)

4. If you won a million dollars, what would be your first thought?
“When’s the next flight to Tokyo?”
5. If you could have anything right now, what would it be?
The ability to fly. Heeheehee… (cat, stop rolling your eyes!)

1. Name?
Naziah, Ziah, Jiah

2. When were you born?

3. What’s my main goal in life?
To get thru it in one piece…

4. Do you want to have children in the future?
Too late to be asking that question.

5. How do you want to die?
Peacefully, when I’m not too nyanyuk to remember my children’s name, being remembered as a good person and surrounded by the people that I love.

1. Gay marriages?
No comment… Sendiri punya kubur, sendiri mau ingat…

2. Lowering the drinking age?
Why? So people can die faster is it?

3. Capital punishment?
Especially those rapist and murderer…

1. Do you love someone?
What kind of question is this? Even if you don;t have anybody else to love, you should be loving yourself, right? (me and my self-actualization mind…)

2. Do you have crushes?
The list is just too long… It started with Jordan Knight in 1992. So It’s been 17 years since then. Every year I’ll have like at least 2 or 3 MAJOR crushes and 10 more small ones… Most significant crush ever: Dean from Gilmore Girls. I love him….
3. Do you believe in love at first sight?
At first I don’t, then Legolas happened….

4. Have you ever been in love?
Most definitely…

Esah, keep on posting the trivias. I’ll keep on stealing from you… Heh…

Useless information that you need not know

I curi from Esah’s blog. Interesting, but useless info to share….

1. Mention something that you’ve never told anyone before.
My right biji mata is not a full round… Don’t believe? Come and see la…

2. What are you totally useless at?
Sticking to my plans. I will make plans to go out during my off days, and end up staying at home, in bed, watching DVDs.

3. Complete this sentence “If I didn’t need to work, I would be…”
Sitting at home watching DVDs… If I have money, I’d travel around the world in 80 days!!!

4. If you could change one thing about Malaysians, what would it be?
Work ethic. Need to be more like the Japanese. Hardworking, very polite….

5. Your most overused phrase:
‘Bloody hell’, ‘shibal’, ‘ntah la’, ‘I didn’t do it!’

6. If you could read the mind of someone famous, who would it be?
Err… As busy body as I’m suppose to be, I’m so not interested to know other people’s thought. Scary man! What if they are thinking to rob a bank or thinking about a secret…etc…

7. What was the best compliment that you’ve ever received:
“You are a very hardworking person”, from my mom.. If she only knew what I’ve been doing all this time… heehee…

8. What can you ever say “no” to?
CATS!!! Especially small kittens with round ears and eyes just barely open…. I could just eat them alive!

9. Name one thing that would improve your quality of life.
More money, more sleep.

10. What was the best thing that happened this week?
So far, nothing yet. The week just started….

So The Drama!

First and foremost, ALHAMDULILLAH, THANK GOD, that I’m alive and well.

Today (Saturday, 3rd February 2007) at approximately 8pm, I experienced my first “rompakan tembak-menembak” in Subang Parade. SERIOUSLY!!!! I was there to buy my groceries and went to the Nasi Ayam shop to get dinner.

While waiting for the food, we heard a loud popping noise and thought it was bunyi mercun (DUH!). After a few more popping noise, everyone in the shop started to take cover under the tables, and me, being dungu, still could not comprehend what happen, was still standing and looking for the bloody person who was playing the mercun inside Subang Parade. And then, I saw a man in red shirt, on the first floor, running towards Poh Kong Jewellery, with a gun out, shooting! OMG! Fortunately, I snapped and Abu pushed my head down under the table.

The shooting went on for at least 10 minutes and in the midst of it, I called Subang Jaya Police Station. I was shocked that I could still think of calling the police at that point. Still very much calm and rational. I think 2 people was shot and died there. Didn’t want to have the image of a dead person in my head. Anyways, we were asked to leave by the police and I went straight to see my mother at Sheraton. Told her everything, and only then, I was feeling shaken up by the whole experience. So slow la the reaction…

And when I was taking cover (sounds funny la pulak) under the table, the only person that I called other than the police) was Cat. I think she must’ve thought that I was joking at that time. So Cat, check the paper and news tomorrow, and know that I called you at that time!!!!