So The Drama!

First and foremost, ALHAMDULILLAH, THANK GOD, that I’m alive and well.

Today (Saturday, 3rd February 2007) at approximately 8pm, I experienced my first “rompakan tembak-menembak” in Subang Parade. SERIOUSLY!!!! I was there to buy my groceries and went to the Nasi Ayam shop to get dinner.

While waiting for the food, we heard a loud popping noise and thought it was bunyi mercun (DUH!). After a few more popping noise, everyone in the shop started to take cover under the tables, and me, being dungu, still could not comprehend what happen, was still standing and looking for the bloody person who was playing the mercun inside Subang Parade. And then, I saw a man in red shirt, on the first floor, running towards Poh Kong Jewellery, with a gun out, shooting! OMG! Fortunately, I snapped and Abu pushed my head down under the table.

The shooting went on for at least 10 minutes and in the midst of it, I called Subang Jaya Police Station. I was shocked that I could still think of calling the police at that point. Still very much calm and rational. I think 2 people was shot and died there. Didn’t want to have the image of a dead person in my head. Anyways, we were asked to leave by the police and I went straight to see my mother at Sheraton. Told her everything, and only then, I was feeling shaken up by the whole experience. So slow la the reaction…

And when I was taking cover (sounds funny la pulak) under the table, the only person that I called other than the police) was Cat. I think she must’ve thought that I was joking at that time. So Cat, check the paper and news tomorrow, and know that I called you at that time!!!!

4 thoughts on “So The Drama!

  1. naziah says:

    I KNOW!!!! So scary… But I have to admit that I was kinda excited as well with the whole thing. 1/4 takut, 1/4 excited, 1/2 confused… heh…

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