Useless information that you need not know

I curi from Esah’s blog. Interesting, but useless info to share….

1. Mention something that you’ve never told anyone before.
My right biji mata is not a full round… Don’t believe? Come and see la…

2. What are you totally useless at?
Sticking to my plans. I will make plans to go out during my off days, and end up staying at home, in bed, watching DVDs.

3. Complete this sentence “If I didn’t need to work, I would be…”
Sitting at home watching DVDs… If I have money, I’d travel around the world in 80 days!!!

4. If you could change one thing about Malaysians, what would it be?
Work ethic. Need to be more like the Japanese. Hardworking, very polite….

5. Your most overused phrase:
‘Bloody hell’, ‘shibal’, ‘ntah la’, ‘I didn’t do it!’

6. If you could read the mind of someone famous, who would it be?
Err… As busy body as I’m suppose to be, I’m so not interested to know other people’s thought. Scary man! What if they are thinking to rob a bank or thinking about a secret…etc…

7. What was the best compliment that you’ve ever received:
“You are a very hardworking person”, from my mom.. If she only knew what I’ve been doing all this time… heehee…

8. What can you ever say “no” to?
CATS!!! Especially small kittens with round ears and eyes just barely open…. I could just eat them alive!

9. Name one thing that would improve your quality of life.
More money, more sleep.

10. What was the best thing that happened this week?
So far, nothing yet. The week just started….

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