What we claim… But in reality…


  1. You claimed that this is your favourite movie; Batman Begins. I always thought that Batman is my passion. It turned out that Christian Bale was the main attraction for me in the movie. He’s SUPER HOT!
  2. But in actual fact, your favourite movie is; A walk to remember… WHAT?! It’s a nice love story… He asked her to marry him although she’s dying. So depressing…
  3. You claimed that your favourite singer is; Aerosmith. Steve Tyler rawks! —> people think I’m cool when I say that. (Stop rolling your eyes Cat! And Benjamin, I don’t appreciate you smirking at me as well…)
  4. But in actual fact, your favourite singer is; Mariah Carey. We (Marina, Cat and I) make fun of her crazy-bimboish personality. But she’s one hell of a singer. I’m just too shy to admit that I like bimbos… :p
  5. You claimed that this is the biggest crush you’ve ever had; Legolas… Tall, blonde, blue eyes, green tights, arrows and bows…. *sigh*…..
  6. But in actual fact, your biggest crush is; Simon Cowell… The only reason why I don’t admit to this is because I usually only like tall people. Simon is not that tall. He got this weird body portion BUT his accent and attitude is to die for… He pronounce Sundance as ‘Sun-dahnce’ for god sake! *sigh*…
  7. You claimed that this is your worst bad habit; Lying… I’m a good liar. I make Joo Yoo Rin look like an amature (Joo Yoo Rin is a character in a Korean Drama called ‘My Girl’. She’s a very impressive liar. My idol!)
  8. But in actual fact, your worst bad habit is; Temper-tantrum… I threw a much more worst hissy-fit than my cats. Make me mad and you’ll be branded throughout your whole life! And I don’t keep it to myself… I’m a blabber mouth. I’ll tell everyone that I’m mad at you… You won’t like it if everyone start to look at you differently. I’ll add spices to my stories as well…. I’m a good bad tempered-liar!
  9. You claimed that you can’t live without these things; Coffee, cats, and pretty boys… Coffee = Longevity, Cats = good listener, never judge you (verbally to your face).. Boys = eye candy, good for your soul
  10. But in actual fact, you can’t do without; Families, friends and cats… Families = I’m too attached to my mom, sister and husband. They always think that I’m an independent perosn, but that’s all a cover-up! Friends = I especially won’t survive without those people who dig my jokes. Abu don’t usually get the ‘bimbo jokes’. Engineers joke about calculators and computers (coughGEEKcough)… Cats = True to the last piece of hair. I don’t think that I’ve ever been without a cat in my life. Even when I was in TKC we had this stray cat that we always feed. In UIA, we sembunyi the cats in the toilet whenever there’s inspection. I don’t really talk to my cat, despite watever that I wrote earlier on. I just like looking at them and biting their ears off their head!
  11. You claimed that you are; The devil in disguise, here to balance the good on earth. Yes, yes… i get the ‘if you are here, who’s running hell’ joke all the time. I’m not a bad person, I’m just nicely challeged.
  12. But in actual fact; An angel sent from above…. Hahahahahah! (Cat, again, stop rolling your eyes)

7 thoughts on “What we claim… But in reality…

  1. z says:

    i’ll second the temper tantrum hissy fit and definitely NOT an angel from above.

    btw, are you talking about that bisexual cat that used to poop in our dorm? hihihihi

  2. BenBHadd says:

    Smirk? What smirk? (grinning instead)…

    hahaha, always knew you were evil, even if you try so hard to be nice..So no worries, never fooled me..

    If you like C.Bale so much then you must have loved him in Prestige la…

    Oh, please stop biting their ears…at least cook it first before eating la…Not hygenic…

  3. naziah says:

    cat; DUH!
    zess; yeap! yeap! Salina’s bisexual cat…
    ben; Cat told me that Mr Bale is super hot in the Prestige. I’m waiting for Fify to give me the DVD

  4. benbhadd says:

    Super hot he was not. A little electric (but Hugh got more) IMHO, (you’ll get what I mean when you see the movie)…

    Poor Scarlett got bit part in the movie. But must admit both men can act. Can’t wait for Bale VS Joker…

  5. BenBHadd says:


    Read a little preview not so convinced…Let’s hope the Special Effects was good enough to hide the other frailties of the movie…

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