AI6 – The boys

I’m stuck at home, having measles and fever! The least that the world could offer me was a good show!!!! I’m not gonna say much about it. Let me just give you nice people my verdict of last nite’s show; let me put it in a list from top to bottom of the performance that I liked…

  1. Blake Lewis – very good, very original
  2. Phil Stacey – the standard was pretty low last nite. At least he doesn’t sound that bad and I kno the song.
  3. Jared Cotter – he’s really cute!!!!! ok la… can sing.. only the ending part was weird.
  4. Chris Sligh – he disappoints me! the song choice was not good at all. He was right about the whole ‘Il Divo’ thing (padan muka Simon) but it was kind of harsh for a first show.
  5. The rest of the contestants… – they all sucked big time!!!!

The 2 person that will leave the show: Paul Kim (I’m biased on this… He ruined my favourite male artist’s song!!!!) and AJ Tabaldo (the whole performance was too gay-ish : no offence to any gay person. I love George Michael, if you must kno…)

Let’s wait for the ladies tonite. I read in EW.Com, the ladies rule! Can’t wait… I’m still in no mood to par-tay with the music, but I’ll watch the show… Fever + pregnancy = no fun at all!

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