Ladies Nite – Da’Bomb!

Impressive… That’s all I wanna say about last nite. So here’s my list again, and the verdict of who get’s to go home tonite….

  1. Melinda Doolittle – From the beginning, until the end of her performance, she was ‘PERFORMING’. She’s so humble and that will win the viewers.
  2. LaKisha Jones – WOW! She really, really can sing.
  3. Sabrina Sloan – Amazing vocal… She reminds me of Mya (lookwise).
  4. Jordin Sparks – Another good singer with a big voice. She reminded me of the girl who plays Ugly Betty.
  5. Stephanie Edwards – I think everybody agrees if I say she looks like Fantasia. But most definitely better singing….
  6. The rest of them – Average singing.

My verdict: Amy Krebs (tsk..tsk..tsk… Thinking that you can beat people like Lakisha with that type of song…) and Alaina Alexander (I don’t think her looks can save her. It was really bad)

So my top 5 performances overall:

  1. Melinda
  2. LaKisha
  3. Sabrina
  4. Blake
  5. Jordin

2 thoughts on “Ladies Nite – Da’Bomb!

  1. Ash says:

    Hey Jiah,

    Good review. I agree with you (mostly). Though my favorite performance is from Lakisha. By the way, have you realized that NONE of the white girls stood out while ALL the black girls are striking (in terms of looks and talents)? I can’t even remember some of the white girls; they look the same! He he he.

  2. naziah says:

    Agree! As if they are there just to avoid ppl saying bad stuff about the show… Kalau mau banding, Sanjaya’s sister is better than a few of them…

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