I disagree with the judges!

I don’t kno what’s wrong with me tonite. Or maybe there’s something wrong with Randy, Simon and Paula. I disagree with watever comments they gave to the top 10 boys…

Ok… IMO;

Phil Stacey: He can sing but what’s with the song selection? I don’t like the performance. I thought that it was too safe for him choosing that type of song.

Jared Cotter: CORNY!

AJ Tabaldo: I like his performance. Still a bit gay-ish (again, no offence to anyone. Remember! I love George Michael…) but it was good. I still think he won’t make it to the top 12…

Sanjaya Malakar: He should not be on stage again next week, BUT I think he’s got a really strong fan base. Michael Jackson wannabe. he even sound like MJ when he talks! Scary….

Chris Sligh: Call me biased but I love his voice. The song, not so much, but the voice is superb. He doesn’t have any problem singing. I hope he choose better songs…

Brandon Rogers: Even my aunt (Kak Norma) asked me , ‘Brandon who?’ when I told her I think he’ll be going home. So boring!!!!!!!!!!! That’s why he’ll be a backup singer for the rest of his life!

Nick Pedro: Don’t even get me started on this dude…

Blake Lewis: I agree with Simon on this. The song choice was good but it sounded funny. Out of tune a bit la I think. Very clever song choice tho…

Chris Richardson: YUCKS! (Sorry Esah…)… So bloody Justin Timberlake wannabe. He sounds so nasally (new word for your vocab.. It means; he sounds like err… like singing from his nose). How could Randy compare him to Jason Mraz?! Jason Mraz is a fantastic singer! He does not sound better than Jason Mraz!!!!!

Sundance Head: Again… I’m biased… I love the song. I love his voice. But he was shouting, not singing. Still, a very good performance.

All in all, it was better than last week. My prediction: Brandon Rogers and Nick Pedro out. However, I’d rather pick Brandon than Sanjaya. Sanjaya will stay because he got all the High School Musical fan’s vote…. And also the grandma vote….

A special mention to my husband. It’s MexiCAN, not MexiCON…

My top 5 performance:

  1. Sundance
  2. AJ
  3. Chris Sligh
  4. Blake
  5. No one else deserve to be on the list….

One thought on “I disagree with the judges!

  1. Ash says:

    I thought Blake did well. I kind of dont’ like Sundance (I thought the other guy Tommy-something should have gone thru instead of him) so I’m a bit biased and won’t comment on his performance. AJ did MUCH better this week but I don’t think his fan base is quite as big as let say, Sanjaya who turned in a crappy performance (I am so disappointed with him! But flash that puppy dog eyes and flip that beautiful hair and I am sure some tween will be rushing to vote for him!). I agree Pedro should be out. The other one is between Rogers, Sanjaya and AJ. Your guess is as good as mine!:-)

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