I’ve been trying to update the blog for days but there’s something wrong with either the connection @ home, or the website itself! So frustrating…

Just a few shoutouts to my friends;

Jason David: Good to have you back. Although, you might want to cover the ‘belly’. It’s not the operation scar that scares me… It’s the hairy tummy… :p!

Mary Boo: Get well soon! What’s up with you and Jason? Lepas satu, satu masuk hospital…. Macam twins…. If the other one is sick, the second one will follow… P/S: I kno you’d rather have me to be your evil twin than that bloody JD.

Benjamin: I expect you to give me a ‘labor gift’ or at least a teddy bear for my kid when she comes out. Don’t be too stingy Pakcik Ben!

Esah: What’s ‘viva’? Ngak jelas dong! Gue ngak paham….

Cat: Mr Isaak! I’m like Spocke… I teleporte from Japan!

Marina: I miss you!

Amelia: I miss you more!

Su Yin: I think I saw watsisname and he REALLY do have a nice a**!

Zizie: Selamat berurut!

All other friends: My back doesn’t hurt, but my pusat feels like bursting out!!!!

2 thoughts on “Shoutout!

  1. BenBHadd says:

    Tak Nak! (like that anti-smoking campaign…)

    Besides, soft toys lose fur to easily, wouldn’t want your baby to get trouble breathing, right? (unless you’ve planned to takeover the teddy from the beginning, you evil mom…)

  2. Ash says:

    Err… viva is the defense of your research project. You kinda explain what you did and hope that you bull your way through if any loopholes appear! 😛 It’s also the final hurdle before I can finally submit my research project and declare myself unofficially as a Masters graduate. Read my latest entry for how it went! 😛 Hope you doing OK! Lama senyap ingatkan dah bersara dari blogging…

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