Useless information that you need not know

I curi from Esah’s blog. Interesting, but useless info to share….

1. Mention something that you’ve never told anyone before.
My right biji mata is not a full round… Don’t believe? Come and see la…

2. What are you totally useless at?
Sticking to my plans. I will make plans to go out during my off days, and end up staying at home, in bed, watching DVDs.

3. Complete this sentence “If I didn’t need to work, I would be…”
Sitting at home watching DVDs… If I have money, I’d travel around the world in 80 days!!!

4. If you could change one thing about Malaysians, what would it be?
Work ethic. Need to be more like the Japanese. Hardworking, very polite….

5. Your most overused phrase:
‘Bloody hell’, ‘shibal’, ‘ntah la’, ‘I didn’t do it!’

6. If you could read the mind of someone famous, who would it be?
Err… As busy body as I’m suppose to be, I’m so not interested to know other people’s thought. Scary man! What if they are thinking to rob a bank or thinking about a secret…etc…

7. What was the best compliment that you’ve ever received:
“You are a very hardworking person”, from my mom.. If she only knew what I’ve been doing all this time… heehee…

8. What can you ever say “no” to?
CATS!!! Especially small kittens with round ears and eyes just barely open…. I could just eat them alive!

9. Name one thing that would improve your quality of life.
More money, more sleep.

10. What was the best thing that happened this week?
So far, nothing yet. The week just started….

So The Drama!

First and foremost, ALHAMDULILLAH, THANK GOD, that I’m alive and well.

Today (Saturday, 3rd February 2007) at approximately 8pm, I experienced my first “rompakan tembak-menembak” in Subang Parade. SERIOUSLY!!!! I was there to buy my groceries and went to the Nasi Ayam shop to get dinner.

While waiting for the food, we heard a loud popping noise and thought it was bunyi mercun (DUH!). After a few more popping noise, everyone in the shop started to take cover under the tables, and me, being dungu, still could not comprehend what happen, was still standing and looking for the bloody person who was playing the mercun inside Subang Parade. And then, I saw a man in red shirt, on the first floor, running towards Poh Kong Jewellery, with a gun out, shooting! OMG! Fortunately, I snapped and Abu pushed my head down under the table.

The shooting went on for at least 10 minutes and in the midst of it, I called Subang Jaya Police Station. I was shocked that I could still think of calling the police at that point. Still very much calm and rational. I think 2 people was shot and died there. Didn’t want to have the image of a dead person in my head. Anyways, we were asked to leave by the police and I went straight to see my mother at Sheraton. Told her everything, and only then, I was feeling shaken up by the whole experience. So slow la the reaction…

And when I was taking cover (sounds funny la pulak) under the table, the only person that I called other than the police) was Cat. I think she must’ve thought that I was joking at that time. So Cat, check the paper and news tomorrow, and know that I called you at that time!!!!

Useless babble of the day, 02-Feb-07

  1. I have 96 days more to go before my due date. Wohoo!
  2. What’s wrong with the Americans? When Simon says you can’t sing, you REALLY can’t. Do not beg, do not screw the judges up just because you can’t accept the reality. This is not The Matrix, where you can download talents. DUH!
  3. What’s wrong with the Americans who went for the audition wearing stupid costumes? That’s like putting your head on the edge of the knife, waiting for Simon to tell you that you are ridiculous. So embarassing… You don’t need other people to tell you that. You just need a mirror.
  4. Ryan Seacrest rocks! (Refer to the Memphis audition, where the dude claims to be the next Elvis. Ryan just stood next to the dude when he got out from the audition room and was looking all sad… Seacrest rocks!)
  5. Damansara Specialist Hospital has got the worst location ever! Nobody ever gets there on their first attempt…
  6. I fall asleep easily BUT staying asleep is so hard. I will get up at 2.30am automatically. It’s the witching hour and I think that I could confirm my status as a witch. My child should go to Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizadry.
  7. The final Harry Potter book will be released on the 21st July 2007. Can’t wait!
  8. My Grandfather is a funny man. I know now, my sense of humor comes from him…
  9. My husband keeps on saying ‘bapak handsome’ to my tummy. I told him, the kid will be devastated when she comes out to see that it is all a lie! :p
  10. I lost weight again… I need to eat right and get more sleep…