Vote for Melinda!

The title says it all… So let’s get straight to the point!

  1. Gina Glocksen : Okla… Better than last week.
  2. Alaina Alexander : Better than last week too.
  3. Lakisha Jones : Very good vocal, but I x fancy the performance that much. She lack something, which I x kno what… Hmm…?!
  4. Melinda Doolittle : God! I hope she wins…
  5. Antonella Barba : B***H! When people give advise, don’t make face. You really suck!
  6. Jordin Sparks : Good… But still can do better.
  7. Leslie Hunt : I prefer AJ’s version of the song. And what’s with the 80’s outfit? Or was she trying to do the Avril Lavigne bit? I’m confused….
  8. Haley Scarnato : Weird performance. I like her voice tonite tho.
  9. Stephanie Edwards : Great vocal, great baju, great body!
  10. Sabrina Sloan : Still one of my favourite despite of me hating the song.

My verdict: Antonella can say goodbye to everyone (tsk… comparing herself to Jennifer Hudson… What was she thinking?). And I’m torn between Haley and Alaina. Haley got better vocal, but her performance was not memorable. Alaina is pretty and Americans like pretty people…..

My top 5 performance for this week:

  1. Melinda
  2. Sundance
  3. AJ
  4. Stephanie
  5. Lakisha

One thought on “Vote for Melinda!

  1. ly-d / fara says:

    haiyaaa .. somehow i feel this yr’s americano idola lacks umphh… i’ll maybe be skipping most of the earlier eliminations until the final 12 are left… or has it reached that point?

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