I just want to say hello to everyone… Had a tiring week, with all the low blood pressure drama, the ‘oh-so-busy’ days of not answering calls but doing up the ESAT board @ the ofis, wasting of time waiting for the top 12 American Idol performance… etc…etc… Very, very tiring indeed!

I have nothing to say about the Idol this week. I only liked Melinda and Lakisha’s performance as usual. I had the urge of pulling Sanjaya’s hair off his head. He needs to wipe off that fake smile he’s wearing everytime on stage. Brandon deserves to go out because he sucks! Chris Sligh and Blake should stop trying to arrange songs. They need to start singing it. Phil Stacy needs to stop trying to be like Chris Daughtry. So does Gina Glocksen… Chris Richardson should remove his nose, so that he doesn’t sound nasal. Jordin is one huge girl (or Ryan Seacrest is one really small dude…). And watever her name is needs to stop asking for sympathy… Oh! Haley… Her name is Haley. Ryan is the coolest, Randy is cool, Paula is drugged (in my opinion), and I love Simon Cowell….

Special ‘aloha’ to Benjamin (where’s your pink shirt? Stop wearing those green pants that looked like Legolas’s tights), Cat (y’know the dude in GQ? The one you labelled ‘there’s something wrong with him’? I think he’s blind… Otherwise, no man would ever get caught with THAT look), Nina (I long for a vacation since last year…. sobsob…), Esah (kau suda start cuti ka?), the girl in my tummy (stop kicking my navel. And mind you, my bladder is not a toy. You cannot squeeze it as you like…), Abu (I want to eat Bobob’s burger… No! I want to eat PAMA mi… No! I want to eat ice cubes… yes… Ice cubes yummy…), Boo (we need to sit down and I need to ‘download’ you with the essence of fraud analysis.. heheh…), Ly-D (how’s the breastfeeding going?)…

Everyone else; I am one moody very pregnant person. I apologize if anyone ambil hati these few weeks with me.. It’s the hormone. I’m not usually a b***h. :p

5 thoughts on “Hi!

  1. ly-d / fara says:

    am still waiting for my brestpumping appliances to be delivered to me (dlm confinement lagi le katakan) tp sementara tu bleh mintak tolong amir kot ?? ekekekke…

    any who.. umah di dlm post yg sblom nie sungguh comel.. white picket fence…

    american idol.. aku just tunggu mindy ngangi (itupun sbb ko dok sebut2 – kalo dak lansung tak heran pun AI 6)

  2. n|ns says:

    low blood pressure drama? r u ok??

    i had blood transfusion done in my 7th month of pregnancy…

    ~thalassemia minor yg sentiasa tak cukup darah~

  3. naziah says:

    Yeap… I have low blood pressure. So now doktor ask me to eat 10 times a day!!!! aku kurang makan gak hujung2 ni. White picket fence… My dream house…. Mcm x percaya je rumah tu exist kat tanah melayu. heheheheh.. Aku pun dok tunggu Mindy Doo je. She’s really good.

  4. BenBHadd says:

    halo…Pink shirt banished to closet of no more wearing…Green tights all no fit no more…boo hoo, cannot look like Legolas to bug you..

    Kalu you live there (WPF) sure 1 year later full of scratch marks!!!

  5. Ash says:

    Hey glad to hear you’re ok. Aku nda cuti bah.. nda sempat sbb sem three suda mau start and I’m teaching. 😦 Anyway, wasn’t Melinda and Lakisha stunning this week??? And why is Sanjaya-Hair-Idol-Malakar still in????

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