What a productive weekend!

<— That’s me and Abu on Saturday night @ Tropicana after a very productive Saturday I had with me mom. I woke up @ 9am, went from my place to my uncle’s place to pick up my mom for shopping. By 10.30am, we were in One Utama already. Got a nice parking spot right in front of Jaya Jusco Supermarket door… Best gilak! So mom and I sepnd the whole day up till 3pm there. 10.30am until 3pm, that’s a really long period of time a person can spend in one place. But we manage to do our groceries and stuff. And today, Abu took us to Shah Alam. From SACC to PKNS to Plaza Massalam, and lastly Giant. Another productive day for us. YEAY! But now, as the result of 2 days non-stop shopping spree (and it’s not even my stuff I’m buying…), my tummy starts to ache, my whole body is screaming for help and rest. So here I am, @ home, trying to chill but not doing a good job. But I must rest… Tomorrow am working @ 7am (Thanks Vernon! I owe you 10000000000000x)….. Chiow!!!
P/S: Abu keeps on saying he’s photogenic…. Pity him… Very dilusional… Heehee…. And yes, my nose are getting a little bit bengkak (tho I do have an abnormally large nose). Hopefully, by the end of the term, you guys can still see the rest of my face….

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