Bravo! Wot a good show!

I enjoyed tonight’s show not just because most of them sang nicely, but because the song selections were fantastic. So here’s my komens…… Listed below from my fave to the least:

  1. Mindy Doo – The song choice was absurdly boring but she kept me playing the performance clip in youtube for almost 10 times in 30 minutes. Not a tune sang badly.
  2. Chris Richardson – Nasal boy did his homework very well. I love the song and the performance. So sexy…
  3. Jordin Sparks – Like Simon, I feel like my love life was ending and the sun will never shine again. The emotion was good and the vocal was even better. Not liking the song choice of you don’t get my first sentence.
  4. Blake Lewis – Only one word could describe the whole performance: ZIAHLICIOUS (quirky, weird, excellent, super sexy vibe… Cat, don’t even think about rolling your eyes! Ben, haha! Funny! I’m not referring myself as ‘sexy’. It’s just the word ‘ziahlicious’ sounded like ‘sexy’)
  5. Chris Sligh – The song was good, his vocal wasn’t that bad, but not a favourite to me.
  6. Gina Glocksen – Again, it’s the song that I like, not her. She sucked big time. She ‘s trying too hard to be a rocker chick.
  7. Lakisha – I don’t like her attitude. Last week, she asked Diana Ross for advise on using the mic stand, and didn’t take it. And this week, she asked Lulu’s opinion on song choice and didn’t take it. This type of people will be divas once they’re out there. The song choice was okay. The vocal was just fine. We all kno she can sing.
  8. Stephanie Edwards – Kesian her… She got talent but no taste. Song choice was bad. She’s also trying too hard to be like Lakisha and Mindy Doo. Sing all this sobsob songs and sounded very old. And what’s with the boots and satin dress? Even I kno those 2 don’t match…
  9. Phil Stacey – He got voice. the only problem is, he’s not likeable enough.
  10. Haley – As per Janice, she might be safe tonight because her boobies were bouncing all over the place. That should be the remeberence point for her.
  11. Sanjaya – Dear God! Why are the Americans punishing us with another week of him?!

My verdict: Sanjaya’s safe because of the song choice. Either Phil or Stephanie or Haley will be booted out.

6 thoughts on “Bravo! Wot a good show!

  1. BenBHadd says:

    of course you’re not referring to yourself as Sexy….Nanti Abu will get mad….(we are referring to things you’d say in public…Leave your married couple talk at home, ok!)

    Sanjaya should just get into an accident and quit American Idol…No wait, why don’t America let him win and let him flop like pancakes in the real world while the others make platinum thrice over!!

  2. Ash says:

    Hey Jiah! Great review although our guess on who’s out tersasar sket. Ps: Benbhadd, kesian tau kat Sanjaya, bukan dia punya pasal orang asyik dok vote dia je… Ha ha ha ha. Hope the Hair Idol’s out next week though, for his sake.

  3. BenBHadd says:

    Not his fault???NOT his FAULT????

    how can it be NOT HIS FAULT??????

    Americans all like Australian merchants I tell you!!!!


  4. naziah says:

    hahahahaahhaahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahhahahahahah!!!!!!!! it’s never their fault (i.e: sanjaya and australian merchants). it’s always the country’s fault, or the president’s fault, or amex’s fault….

  5. BenBHadd says:

    eh?? Not our fault meh??

    hahahahaha…They’re all hopeless, me tell you. I scorn at all who wish to migrate to US or Australia!!!


  6. Erra says:

    tu laa pasal … i was hoping sanjaya would leave last week … listening to his song, i got disappointed ‘cos he’ll definitely stay another week

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