Gwen Stefani is the coolest!

In my opinion, another good week for the AI. Not only because half of them did a good job, also due to Gwen Stefani. I think she’s one of the most excellent artist. She definitely don’t have the voice, but the ‘package’ is great. Funky songs that don’t require you to be vocally ‘Mindy-Doody’ (another new vocab which means professionally excellent singer), fashionably fantastic, very unique style (rambut, makeup…etc..), and not to mention a very beautiful husband (he was gorgeous in Constantine!). But enough about Gwen Stefani. My time on the PC now is 7.21pm and it’s only 21 minutes past the AI in astro. I have a few ‘surprises’, so can’t wait to share my thoughts with you folks. Same as always, my list from top to bottom.

  1. Mindy Doo – Some might feel her song choice was too boring but I love it. At least she don’t sing sobsob songs like ‘Jiggly Scarnato’…
  2. Phil Stacey – One of my ‘surprises’ this week. I love the whole thing. From the song choice, to the vocal. I tot he did well by sticking to the original version.
  3. Gina G – Second surprise… Rocker Chick Wannabe (RCW) did very well by choosing that song. Suits her voice. She should stick to singing that type of mellow rock songs instead of Chris Daughtry’s type of rock.
  4. Chris R – Nasal boy did ok. The song don’t suit him that much but I like the performance. He still sounds very nasal tho…
  5. Jordin – What’s with the Britney Spears outfit? She vocally reminds me of Christina Aguilera. She got a very good voice but not liking the song.
  6. Sanjaya – OH MY GOD! This is the highest that he could ever get from me. Unbelievable… The vocal was not good, and he kept messing up the lyrics, but the whole performance kept me sane this time around. I think it’s the song. Bathwater is my favourite No Doubt song. and I love the hair too. The mohawk was cute… —-> I must really be out of my mind tonight!
  7. Lakisha – Typical of her type of performance. She and Mindy Doo have the tendency to sing ‘black’ songs (not racist aaa… I meant song for big voices..). I kno that they shouldn’t be risking their week with changing their song pattern but it’s too predictable. The only difference between her and Mindy Doo is the charisma of the performance. She lacks it…
  8. Chris S – This dude is really falling apart. Now I feel that the jokes he make is a part of an act to win people’s vote. Very the fake… The performance was not good at all!
  9. Blake – I don’t get the whole idea of the performance. Maybe I’m not familliar with the song but it was too boring. I like Blake but tonight I just don’t get the performance. Like Simon, I think I have different preferences of song choice for all of them.
  10. Haley – Jiggly was the only contestant that didn’t put up a fight tonight. Very Celine Dionish type of performance. Everyone was trying to be hip and up-tempo and she came out like singing the national anthem. Tsktsktsk…

My prediction: Either Haley or Chubby Chris goes home. No amount of jiggling could save Haley tonight. Sanjaya will stay because of the hair and again, quoting Mr Cowell, whatever the judges say about him don’t have any effect on the voters. Either people kesian him or just like to see him as a joke subject.

And since I’m off tomorrow, I’ll think of my ideal song for the contestants (yes… I’m that bored….)

A special ‘Hi’ to Ida Z who just notify me that she is one of my friends who actually visits my blog…

Also to one of the loves of my life, Marina; once u come back to KL, we’ll go the zoo to checkout the geeses and the ducks… :p

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