And the results are in…

As expected, Chubby Chris goes home this week. Bottom 3 was him, Haley and Phil. Jiggly is safe again this week. Geez! Enuff with her already!!!! We have Sanjaya to survive with for God knos how many more weeks. Not another tag-along person!!!!!!!!
Nways… I was thinking about the songs that I would like them to sing but none came up to my mind. I guess my creativity and imagination is not as active as before. Hence, I spend my off day morning by ‘decorating’ my blog. Notice the loads of links and watevers? Also that picture of Oscar the Grouch is one of my favourites. I actually labelled most of my entries as well. That’s how free I am today. I just finished downloading Supernatural and Smallville episode16. I’ll be watching it later in the afternoon. I wanted to catch the Idol re-run at 11am but was so hooked up with organizing the blog. Oh well! I can always watch the performances in youtube.
Also, here’s the latest Harry Potter book cover. The final book is called ‘Harry potter and the deathly hallows’. Will be on sale on the 21st July this year. Can’t wait to get my copy of the book. Also can’t wait for the movie 5th movie to come out.

3 thoughts on “And the results are in…

  1. Ash says:

    Aiyohh, don’t kick Hair Idol lah… Coz if you kick him, then more people will kesian him and therefore will vote for him!! 😛

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