So the drama… AGAIN!

At around 9.30pm – 10pm tonight, I witness a LIVE CAR EXPLOSION INCIDENT from the comfort of my living room. SERIOUSLY!!!! A car exploded right in front of the highway in front of my house! We even felt the heat from the api. So the story goes like this;

I was watching the National geographic about the Polynesian sea traveller when we notice a bright light in front of our house. Thinking that it was my sister’s car nak masuk parking, I went to check it out from the spy hole (the door hole la!). No car, so I just ignored it. After a few minutes, a huge ‘thump’ noise fell on my roof and I thought someone panjat bumbung nak masuk mencuri. So from the kitchen I went to the living room and saw Abu looking at the side of my house, checking if anybody pecah kereta my sister’s fiancee. I notice the bright light in front of my house became brighter and bigger so I went out and saw a car was on fire. The car exploded right in front of my eyes and the first thing I did was trying to cover my cats that was caged in front of my porch. Abu was already with a camera and I was on the phone trying to reach the Balai Polis. For at least 2-3 minutes I waited and NOBODY answered the phone! Can you believe it? Of course you can! It’s the Malaysian Police Department. If there were to be other kes-kes jenayah at that time, they could only save one….

So back to the story, I was scared the heat or explosion from the car will kena my rumah. Dahtu, there was a huge Caltex oil truck that was trying to jalan right below the burning car (the burning car was at the highway atas from USJ to NPE). Nasib baik la the driver bijak and stop before he could get any closer and meletup. Abu managed to get the video of the car meletup-letup until the bomba datang and padam api. We couldn’t see the driver anywhere so I assume it must be kereta curi. If it’s short circuit, Volvo will be hearing from some lawyer soon. We’ll wait and see tomorrow’s news.

Anyway; my sister was telling me that I get to see the shooting and car explosion this year. If both combine, I can sum it up like watching the Police Academy punya show in Universal Studio. Hehehheheh… It was not as scary as the shooting but I was worried if the debris from the explosion will kena my house. I told Abu, besok gerenti I bersalin! Too much excitement in a day… Hahahahah!!!! To reporters yang nak live output of the incident, contact us. :8)

To all, if you guys baca news or tengok berita about the incident, IT HAPPENED RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE!!!!

If I can dream…

Notice the time? It’s 5.18am on my PC now and I’ve been up since 3.39am. I slept somewhere in between 12midnight, had a good sleep until I started dreaming about the monopoly game I was playing since 3 days ago against my computer! I actually had strategies in my head while sleeping! I’m a super freak!!!! This can only mean one thing; I NEED TO STOP PLAYING GAMES. At least until I don’t ‘dream’ of game strategies anymore…

So here I am, at 5.23am, trying to finish up the monopoly game. Suddenly, I feel like going to the ofis today. I actually missed my friends there. After almost 2 weeks of playing online games and not doing anything, I’d rather be in the ofis, listening to Su Yin and Fify’s bitch fight! I miss everyone!!!! HUWAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways; I’m still amazed by the whole Celine + Elvis duet on AI last nite. It was awasome. I kno technology is so canggih nowadays but the part where they came out from backstage was so bloody realistic. I even waited for a second helping of the performance and forced Abu to sit with me on the re-run. So kesian. Penat-penat balik dari ofis, dah kena paksa tengok AI. I was disappointed as they say Gwen Stefani would perform and I thought Bono was going to sing as well. Jack Black was hilarious. And I loved the Simpsons + Simon audition clip. Simon singing Don’t Cha with the accent. It’s like being in the ofis with Catherine, Janice, and Mevrau all over again. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

I have nothing to update on my pregnancy status for the time being. :8(

Not that I’m not happy keeping a child inside my tummy for almost 10 months, but I’m getting pretty tired of the toliet trips and sleepless nites. But hey! What’s another few days compared to a few months aye? So until then:

People in the ofis: I miss you loads!

Friends who wants to put comments but can’t: I have reset my settings to allow non-bloggers/googlers to put comments (I kno Shanky and Boo will want to share a piece of their mind)

Other friends: Have a nice day!!!!!

You look nice tonight Mr Cowell!

My two favourite things combined together tonight:
White rolled-up sleeve shirt + Simon Cowell
He looked absolutely attractive! And the video clips of him going around doing charity actually gives us a glimpse of his human side. It’s really hard to be half human and half pure evil… Like Catherine, I kno she’s strugling to blend in but wat’s up wif the weather lately? Did Janice piss you off again? Heheheheheh…
Anyway; back to the show, I’m not feeling very well today. Down wif a possibility of getting a fever. My throat hurts and burns. I slept at 4am last nite. I’m still doing the whole re-enactment of puking scene of the Exorcist… Sigh… Not much in a mood until I saw Simon in a white shirt… :). Here’s my list for the week:
  1. Phil: This is the first time he gave me goosebumps. The song was good and his vocal was excellent. I agree with Simon. he should put a little bit of the ‘country vibe’ in it to give the perfect coating.
  2. Mindy Doo: Obviously fantastic again. She’s second tonite because I don’t kno the song and not liking it that much. But as usual, she doesn’t need to win this to get a contract.
  3. Blake: Me, loving the song and the performance tonite. I agree wif Paula and Simon. It was a sensitive and touching performance.
  4. Jordin: I disagree wif Randy. Her vocal tonite is the best vocal we’ve ever heard in American Idol. For me, she did a great job on the song but I dunno… It was just ok…
  5. Chris: Ok la…. Not that bad. Still not liking the nasally vocal.
  6. Lakisha: She butchered the song. I hope she goes back this week.

My verdict: Lakisha might not be going home just yet. I’m not surprised if it’s either Chris or Phil goes home. Even Blake might be in a tight spot. So for me, one of the boys will go. BUT I really, really hope Lakisha is out.

I get to go to a spa!!!!!

Another picture taken from Yahoo! How can we not love this creature?
Anyways, I would like to say THANK YOU to Ucin, Ly-d, Esah and Elly for your support on yesterday’s whining session. I love you guys!!!! Sob..Sob..Sob….—-> Chick Flick moment
Secondly, I would like to welcome one of my good ‘diud’ buddy, UCIN to my blog. If you’ve just arrived to the page, there’s more grumblings to read.
So today, I ‘will’ (let’s hope that nobody changes their mind) be having my foot and hand spa session at 1.30pm. My sister and my aunt decided that it’s time for them to rejuvenate their body, so I’m tagging along! WOhoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally get to cross off one thing in my ‘to-do’ list! Actually, it’s 3 things off from my list: manicure, fott reflexology, and spa! What an accomplishment! I bravo myself!!!!!!!!! Clap! Clap! Clap! Full report coming up later…
p/s: American Idol will be holding a special show on Thursday. I hope they will show it here. It’s a small concert in aid to the African kids and poor children in America. It’s called “Idol gives back’. Supposedly Gwen Stefani and loads more will be singing on the show. SO watch out for it friends!
p/s: Ucin! Update la blog ko tu bebanyak sket. Aku nak nengok gambar Jannah. And you look ‘healthier’ nowadays aaaaaaa? ;P

It could only happen to Naziah Nawawie!

So here’s the thing…. I’ve been having severe gastrik and heartburn since day 1 of the pregnancy. I was hoping to get full 30 days of puasa last year, but it was impossible. I ended the puasa month with only 4 days in hand and 26 days to ganti. OK… And then, I was on a long leave of MCs and unpaid leave last year due to the same case of chronic muntah-muntah due to gastrik and heartburn. Puan Doktor said it will hilang once we reach a certain month or time period. In my case, ladies and gentlemen, that NEVER happen! I’m still having muntah-muntah due to gastrik and heartburn. But last nite… last nite was the worst of all. Maybe it’s the finale of the muntah-muntah (hopefully!). I actually muntah-muntah sampai bleeding! I dunno which part of me but I’m pretty sure my anak tekak will never be the same again… Hehehehe….

Why I Don’t Vote

Are you a registered voter? I’m not! My mom always reminds me to register so that I can vote on the next election period. But why? Why do I need to vote? Let me share my thoughts and opinions on voting… Maybe this applies only to my political belief… I dunno…

Why Naziah Nawawie refuse to vote:

  1. I don’t kno the person I’m voting for. I wouldn’t want to vote for the WRONG person who will end up in the newspaper using all the money people invested to them to buy a new Mercedes Benz.
  2. I’m neither against nor fancy any specific political thought or party. Why? They even fight WITHIN their own party, amongst themselves! How can you convince people to believe in you if your own house is a mess?
  3. If I vote, will the oil price be cut down? Will Samy Vellu reduce the toll price? Will they pay for a vacation to Japan for me? I don’t think so, right?!
  4. I will only vote for 3 people if they decide to be the candidate in my area; Anwar Ibrahim, Joseph Pairin Kitingan, and Dr M. I have my own reasons as to why only these 3 will get me voting. Again, I don’t go for the party, I go for the person…
  5. Last but not least, it’s always bloody hot and crowded at those voting area… :p

There you go! Those are MY reasons for not voting. If the government wants to wajibkan voting, SO SUE ME!!!!!!