Besame Mucho!

He did it again. This time I’m pretty sure it’s the song and his performance. I’m so excited to give this week’s review that I didn’t want to wait a minute before the show is over to start typing. Maybe it’s the confusing pregnancy hormones (I did went to work this morning at 7am on my annual leave day!). But let’s get loud children!!!!

So this week’s theme is Latin. My prediction of them singing either Gloria Estefan or Santana is correct. Jennifer Lopez looked ‘tall and leggy’. Did she put on extra legs? But she did give some good advice that some of them choose to ignore. I will further discuss this… Now… For my list of the week. Don’t be surprised but I feel he deserves to be where he is in the list this week. :p

Look at his ‘I’m not a girl, not yet a woman’ face! The janggut and misai looks drawn instead of grown. Throughout the performance he was seducing the camera instead of the audience. At the end of the song he looked as if he wanted to cry. But I love his vocal tonight. It suits the song very well. Actually, I have always love the song ‘Besame Mucho’. It’s one of the sexiest latin song ever. And kudos to Sanjaya, he actually sang a LATIN song. Unlike the rest….

Mindy Doo comes second in my list this week. I never thought ‘Sway’ is in the latin category. It’s always been jazzy. Her vocals were superb as usual. But I agree with Simon. The problem with Mindy Doo and Lakisha; they don’t know how to choose contemporary songs. They always go for oldies or big voice songs. I hope her fans can maintain their loyalty to her.

3rd on my list is Jordin. Song choice was just too obvious for latin week. She could do better songs. Maybe sing one of Shakira’s songs. She did a funky job on No Doubt week. She should’ve taken it broader than Gloria Estefan/Jennifer Lopez’s loop. But I like her vocals. She sang it well.

Next is Blake’s version of I need to know. Not my favourite song but Marc Anthony is one of the sexiest voice in latin music. NO! Not him sexy physically. He’s so skinny and reminds me of a mouse. His vocal is excellent. Blake’s performance was just okay. I thought he looked like a fisherman with the hat and all….

Nasal Boy is back! He is nasally again… Contemporary? Yes! But he sounded like Justin Timberlake trying to sing that song. Well… He even move like JT. Poor dude… Must be hard for him to get his own identity when he’s constantly being compared to JT.

Who else? Hmm…. I must be missing somebody out…. Oh! Wait! Lakisha! Yes… Her performance was not memorable. It was so flat. She should’ve listen to JLo on the dancing/moving part. As always, she thinks that she is smarter than the accomplished artist themselves. Ask for advise, and then disregard it. Humph! I’m not surprised if people don’t vote for her this week. It was another one of those obvious latin song of the week.

Phil did okay until he spoil it all at the end. So kesian… Trying too hard to impress JLo. But if I were a guy, and JLo sitting in fornt of me, I’ll get excited too! Who knows… Phil might be her next husband… HAHAHAHAHAH!

Last but not least, Jiggly Scarnato. Very smart tactic. Wear as short as you can to blind the voters from the actual purpose of the competition. I pity her too. Simon was just too cruel to state the obvious in front of everybody. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Verdict: Hard to say… Every week I say either Phil or Haley. But I’m not surprise if either Jordin or Lakisha goes home too. Their song choice was not favourable. Same like Gina last week….


7 thoughts on “Besame Mucho!

  1. Ash says:

    I think it’s either Phil or Haley to go next. It’s been a long time comin’ for both of them, they have been scarcely slipping the chopping board dua tiga kali dah… As for Sanjie… well, he surprised me with the good vocals tonight! He’s safe for this week at least.

  2. BenBHadd says:

    Lakisha shucks!!!!

    Kick her out (then next week Sanjaya can go…Ok, agree this week he keeps his place…But maybe this is reverse psychology???)

  3. Naziah says:

    hahahahahhaahhah! she did look like one of those ‘victim’ in CSI Vegas. U kno wat I mean… The mayat they will get from the back alleys of Las Vegas… hahahahahah! kesian dia… but she does have the legs…

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