The waiting game begins!

So…. Here I am… At home… On the first day of my ‘long leave’… Am on MC this whole week since I’ve started having my contractions every hour. It’s like, for half an hour, I’ll have it for every 5 – 10 minutes. It stops and will start again in an hour or two… Anyways… Doing nothing… At home…. Sigh!

Nope! This is not my cat. I got this from Yahoo! photo of the day. Cute eh? I bet if I was in the ofis with Janice, we’ll drool and bite our lips imagining ourselves squeezing the nose!

Err…. Wat else… I started playing neopets again. Been looking at the ‘stockmarket’ and making loads of imaginary money. Maybe I shud start looking at the real stock market and start playing with $$$. If I’m good with the make-believe market, maybe I’m good with the real one. Watcha guys think?

OKla…. Starting from today, I’ll be updating the blog often (since I don’t have anything interesting to do). Don’t be surprised if you see 5 postings in a day.. I’ll try to put interesting stuff for you to read. In the meantime;

  • People in the ofis, don’t miss me! Come and visit…
  • Other people, start praying for me… I’m trying to keep epidural as the last resort of pain relief…
  • Checkout this game site Widie just gave me… Cool stuff!

5 thoughts on “The waiting game begins!

  1. ly-d / fara says:

    heheheh.. all the best arhh ziahhh… i know… waiting kills.. i took 1 week off before my due date too… bleh bikin gue jadik gilaak.. but at least i had ashley at home and also still crashed my parents’ place… not so bad

  2. Naziah says:

    kakak? jgn harap le anak aku nak panggil kome2 kakak or aunty…. i’m teaching her to call everyone makcik and pakcik… nak glamer sket boleh panggil ‘mak era’… heheheh…

    ly-d; i’ve played every games available online…. nothing screams ‘i’m bored’ than dfoing that!

  3. benbhadd says:

    miss you?? How?? So easy target (sizewise)…muahahahahaha….

    Have fun with the experience….When not, try the first number on your mobile phone and whine away!!

    Blog more, please..Need reading materials while I dive through work….

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