10 things I want to do before giving birth

  1. Get a manicure -Yeah right! I don’t even have fingernails to begin with. My fingers are so stunted that I usually gets children price for manicures!
  2. Sign up for gym – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! I kno for a fact, Cat will roll her eyes in agony, knowing that this will never happen. And Shanky; don’t laugh. I kno you succefully sign up to join the yoga class BUT have started going yet? heheheh….
  3. Go watch a movie – My movie buddies; Marina is so far away, and Cat; obviously working on weekdays, are not available at the moment. We NEVER watch movies on a weekend. Plans NEVER happen on a weekend. It’s a mystery with the 3 of us.
  4. Sign up for dance class – HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH! I’ve been wanting to since a few years back. Janice brought up the issue last week, and it got me ‘yearning’ again. BUT, never will happen too. Shy? Nope! Not me. I’m a good dancer (ask me TKC friends! I was a dancer in school)
  5. Foot reflexology – This might achiveable today, if my sister decides to drive to Sunway Pyramid this afternoon. There’s this Thai reflexology place in front of Parkson Grand. SO GOOD! I recommend this to all. No pain! If you don’t mind sitting next to anybody with your kaki exposed tho…. But nobody cares. Everyone who goes in immediately enjoys the service.
  6. Re-arrange my room – To fit the baby’s crib. My room is currently full with baby stuff (car seat that shud be in my car already, bath tub that shud be somewhere else, play mats given by Su Yin and my sister, toys given by friends and families…). I need to clear up some spaces first…
  7. Re-read harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince – I manage to read the first page last nite and felt the book was just too heavy for my aching wrists. I rested the book on my tummy and ended up waking the girl in it. MAN! Setengah jam she disco dancing in my stomach which was not very pleasant nowadays. Abu could even feel her toes this time. It’s hard bones poking out your skin!!!!!!
  8. Go eat korean food – Before I go for 44 days of ayam rebus and ikan stim only, I’d like to go out and eat authentic korean food. Su Yin, Janice, Amelia and I have been planning to go eat at Koryowon. It’s a korean buffet (BBQ and stuff) at Plaza Antarabangsa. They only have the buffet every Sunday between 12 noon to 2pm. It is so worth it! I think it’s about RM55++ per head. Excellent food selections available.
  9. Go for a spa – Berurut will be impossible for now. I just want to go for a hot milk bath or something soothing like that. Again, this will be possible if someone could drive me to Shah Alam. I usually go to Kakiku Refleksologi at Plaza Massalam. The price and service is not that bad.
  10. Eat and sleep as much as I can – Practically impossible as I do not have any appetite and I don’t go for afternoon naps anymore. I just can’t! I’m already at home, doing nothing, and you think I’d get bored and sleep in the afternoon? i spend 10 minutes trying to convince myself I’m sleepy yesterday afternoon, and ended up having a headcahe due to forcing my eyes to close really, really hard!

A special shoutout to Marina; BALIKLA CEPAT!!!!!!!! Or you’ll miss me screaming at you during labor pain….

Janice and Zarrafat; the picture below is especially for both of you.

3 thoughts on “10 things I want to do before giving birth

  1. n|ns says:

    i get excited just looking at baby gadgets… until now!! 😛 have fun rearranging the room!!

    n do get all the rest n sleep now… u’ll forget u’ve ever gotten enough sleep soon!! 😛

  2. benbhadd says:

    hmmm..The defining word I guess is ‘want’ compared to ‘need’…Also sounds like a cheap pop to get people to drive you around..Yet at your current state, no one’s going to complain you have a right to at least whine until people do drive you around, if you don’t already can order them to do so…Nope, I’m not complaining either (lucky for me I don’t drive!!)

    Can’t sleep?? Try some classical. Bore yourself to death even more (or you could learn to appreciate it, which isn’t so bad). Avoid 20th century less their Jazzy types, maybe Gershwin…Else, safe bets are Mozart, Vivaldi, Beethoven (stay of the full orchestral pieces, bound to have really loud ones), Mendelssohn, Chopin……..

    Oh, don’t forget the ‘first number on your HP’ for boredom relief….hahaha…

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