Me not liking the genre for AI this week, might have some effect towards my opinion. It’s not that I dislike it. I’m just not a fan. There are some songs that I like and some singers that I think is great like Kenny Rogers and Keith Urban. Maybe it’s the song choice tonight that I’m not liking. Anyways, just a quick one. We’ll start from the bottom this time:

7. Lakisha – I hate her attitude. The look on her face when the judges gave her their comments is so “You are so wrong and I’m so gonna be the next American Idol”. Carrie sang that song beautifully and she screamed the song very poorly.

6. Chris – Nasal boy using his natural ability as an excuse… Some people does sound nasally (like Siti Nurhaliza) sometimes but at least they sound good. He sounded not so good and using it as an excuse is so gonna cost him this week.

5. Sanjaya – I agree with Simon. It was fun keeping him for a few weeks but this has got to stop. I like the song. He could actually sing it better if he stop smiling creepily when he sings. Some part of the vocal was okay but 80% was just lazy. Yes! That’s the word… LAZY…

4. Blake – Not liking the performance but at least he’s better than those 3 people.

3. Phil – Not liking the song but he sounds good.

2. Jordin – Great vocal! The song choice was good. For me, it felt like me, sitting in a bar somewhere in Kansas, listening to the singer on stage while waiting for my Buffalo Wings to arrive (I can’t say beer can I?!!!).

1. Mindy Doo – She should just withdraw from the competition. I bet Labels are waiting for her to come out and grab her by the collar to sign up with them. The song choice was excellent. With that song, I was at a Corn Fair somewhere in Kansas, eating corn and watching people ride the bull!

So I guess every week we wish Sanjaya will go. But this week I pray he really goes. Otherwise, Chris or Lakisha will be out before him.

p/s: Why Kansas? Clark Kent is a country boy who lives in a farm in Smallville, Kansas. Why Clark Kent? For those who don’t kno me, I’m obsessed with Superman and Smallville. Besides, Kansas is the only ‘country’ like place that I kno of. Yes…yes… My general knowledge of the American Geography is not good.

6 thoughts on “Yeehaw!

  1. Marina Tasha says:

    Hey girl…Did Praba call u or sthin? Told him tht you’re already on mc and he wants to persuade you to name the baby praba(if boy) and prabavathy(if girl)!! Good luck chinggu!!!

  2. Naziah says:

    Astaga!!!!! Never in my whole life i will name my child with watever that he suggest…. it will be the end of the world if i agree with him…. he called you aaa?

  3. Marina Tasha says:

    Yup.. he called me at the office.Its an internal extension thingy for us.. And he always starts by calling me porny.If they ever listen to our calls,i’m dead..

  4. benbhadd says:

    ??? Praba works in the same place as Marina now????? This is thesame persons I know, right???

    Anyhow, Next Stop. Lakisha…Kick her Arrogant Arse out….

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