It could only happen to Naziah Nawawie!

So here’s the thing…. I’ve been having severe gastrik and heartburn since day 1 of the pregnancy. I was hoping to get full 30 days of puasa last year, but it was impossible. I ended the puasa month with only 4 days in hand and 26 days to ganti. OK… And then, I was on a long leave of MCs and unpaid leave last year due to the same case of chronic muntah-muntah due to gastrik and heartburn. Puan Doktor said it will hilang once we reach a certain month or time period. In my case, ladies and gentlemen, that NEVER happen! I’m still having muntah-muntah due to gastrik and heartburn. But last nite… last nite was the worst of all. Maybe it’s the finale of the muntah-muntah (hopefully!). I actually muntah-muntah sampai bleeding! I dunno which part of me but I’m pretty sure my anak tekak will never be the same again… Hehehehe….

4 thoughts on “It could only happen to Naziah Nawawie!

  1. mrbrightside says:

    diud..I remembered when my wife was pregnant.dia selalu muntah malam-malam during the early pregnancy happened once when she ‘muntah’ed mcm nak tercekik..and aku yang blur ni(first timer so do gimme a break ye) only stand there and watch..hhehe..but then i get the scolding la

  2. ly-d / fara says:

    alahai cian ko ziah.. just hang in there.. dugaan … insya ALLAH when the baby arrives, she/he would be such a joy – you’d forget the pregnancy and the delivery..

    aku dah ade dua nie.. dedua aku dah tak ingat dah what it felt like being preggers with em

  3. Ash says:

    Oh dear… it sounds horrible. Kesian kat kau Jiah… nda apa2 it will be worth it right after this? Take care. Kasitau aah bila kau suda deliver!

  4. mummy-o says:

    lyds rite, you will forget how the pregnancy was and the delivery part in no time, esp when ur too busy with the baby.. hang in there dear..your bundle of joy is arriving soon!!

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