I get to go to a spa!!!!!

Another picture taken from Yahoo! How can we not love this creature?
Anyways, I would like to say THANK YOU to Ucin, Ly-d, Esah and Elly for your support on yesterday’s whining session. I love you guys!!!! Sob..Sob..Sob….—-> Chick Flick moment
Secondly, I would like to welcome one of my good ‘diud’ buddy, UCIN to my blog. If you’ve just arrived to the page, there’s more grumblings to read.
So today, I ‘will’ (let’s hope that nobody changes their mind) be having my foot and hand spa session at 1.30pm. My sister and my aunt decided that it’s time for them to rejuvenate their body, so I’m tagging along! WOhoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally get to cross off one thing in my ‘to-do’ list! Actually, it’s 3 things off from my list: manicure, fott reflexology, and spa! What an accomplishment! I bravo myself!!!!!!!!! Clap! Clap! Clap! Full report coming up later…
p/s: American Idol will be holding a special show on Thursday. I hope they will show it here. It’s a small concert in aid to the African kids and poor children in America. It’s called “Idol gives back’. Supposedly Gwen Stefani and loads more will be singing on the show. SO watch out for it friends!
p/s: Ucin! Update la blog ko tu bebanyak sket. Aku nak nengok gambar Jannah. And you look ‘healthier’ nowadays aaaaaaa? ;P

2 thoughts on “I get to go to a spa!!!!!

  1. mrbrightside says:

    hehe healthier? diud i went for my annual medical checkup and they told me that i am actually obese. seems like most of my fat are somewhere in my internal organs.15 minutes on the tread mill daily will clear it off they say. BTW jannah’s piccies available here

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