You look nice tonight Mr Cowell!

My two favourite things combined together tonight:
White rolled-up sleeve shirt + Simon Cowell
He looked absolutely attractive! And the video clips of him going around doing charity actually gives us a glimpse of his human side. It’s really hard to be half human and half pure evil… Like Catherine, I kno she’s strugling to blend in but wat’s up wif the weather lately? Did Janice piss you off again? Heheheheheh…
Anyway; back to the show, I’m not feeling very well today. Down wif a possibility of getting a fever. My throat hurts and burns. I slept at 4am last nite. I’m still doing the whole re-enactment of puking scene of the Exorcist… Sigh… Not much in a mood until I saw Simon in a white shirt… :). Here’s my list for the week:
  1. Phil: This is the first time he gave me goosebumps. The song was good and his vocal was excellent. I agree with Simon. he should put a little bit of the ‘country vibe’ in it to give the perfect coating.
  2. Mindy Doo: Obviously fantastic again. She’s second tonite because I don’t kno the song and not liking it that much. But as usual, she doesn’t need to win this to get a contract.
  3. Blake: Me, loving the song and the performance tonite. I agree wif Paula and Simon. It was a sensitive and touching performance.
  4. Jordin: I disagree wif Randy. Her vocal tonite is the best vocal we’ve ever heard in American Idol. For me, she did a great job on the song but I dunno… It was just ok…
  5. Chris: Ok la…. Not that bad. Still not liking the nasally vocal.
  6. Lakisha: She butchered the song. I hope she goes back this week.

My verdict: Lakisha might not be going home just yet. I’m not surprised if it’s either Chris or Phil goes home. Even Blake might be in a tight spot. So for me, one of the boys will go. BUT I really, really hope Lakisha is out.

2 thoughts on “You look nice tonight Mr Cowell!

  1. KidCat says:

    hey nothings wrong with me. and NO, i absolutely didn’t piss janice and neither did she. it’s someone else. maybe its time for a virgin sacrifice. šŸ™‚ get well soon. i had a sore throat the other day, sympathy pains baby!

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