If I can dream…

Notice the time? It’s 5.18am on my PC now and I’ve been up since 3.39am. I slept somewhere in between 12midnight, had a good sleep until I started dreaming about the monopoly game I was playing since 3 days ago against my computer! I actually had strategies in my head while sleeping! I’m a super freak!!!! This can only mean one thing; I NEED TO STOP PLAYING GAMES. At least until I don’t ‘dream’ of game strategies anymore…

So here I am, at 5.23am, trying to finish up the monopoly game. Suddenly, I feel like going to the ofis today. I actually missed my friends there. After almost 2 weeks of playing online games and not doing anything, I’d rather be in the ofis, listening to Su Yin and Fify’s bitch fight! I miss everyone!!!! HUWAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways; I’m still amazed by the whole Celine + Elvis duet on AI last nite. It was awasome. I kno technology is so canggih nowadays but the part where they came out from backstage was so bloody realistic. I even waited for a second helping of the performance and forced Abu to sit with me on the re-run. So kesian. Penat-penat balik dari ofis, dah kena paksa tengok AI. I was disappointed as they say Gwen Stefani would perform and I thought Bono was going to sing as well. Jack Black was hilarious. And I loved the Simpsons + Simon audition clip. Simon singing Don’t Cha with the accent. It’s like being in the ofis with Catherine, Janice, and Mevrau all over again. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

I have nothing to update on my pregnancy status for the time being. :8(

Not that I’m not happy keeping a child inside my tummy for almost 10 months, but I’m getting pretty tired of the toliet trips and sleepless nites. But hey! What’s another few days compared to a few months aye? So until then:

People in the ofis: I miss you loads!

Friends who wants to put comments but can’t: I have reset my settings to allow non-bloggers/googlers to put comments (I kno Shanky and Boo will want to share a piece of their mind)

Other friends: Have a nice day!!!!!

One thought on “If I can dream…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Kak Naziah!!!! Thanx 4 changing da settings!! Miss u lots too! How’s the baby? I’ll check with SKankitha n c whether we can visit u.. u know her.. very busy.. Hahahaha

    Take care? Muah!


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