So the drama… AGAIN!

At around 9.30pm – 10pm tonight, I witness a LIVE CAR EXPLOSION INCIDENT from the comfort of my living room. SERIOUSLY!!!! A car exploded right in front of the highway in front of my house! We even felt the heat from the api. So the story goes like this;

I was watching the National geographic about the Polynesian sea traveller when we notice a bright light in front of our house. Thinking that it was my sister’s car nak masuk parking, I went to check it out from the spy hole (the door hole la!). No car, so I just ignored it. After a few minutes, a huge ‘thump’ noise fell on my roof and I thought someone panjat bumbung nak masuk mencuri. So from the kitchen I went to the living room and saw Abu looking at the side of my house, checking if anybody pecah kereta my sister’s fiancee. I notice the bright light in front of my house became brighter and bigger so I went out and saw a car was on fire. The car exploded right in front of my eyes and the first thing I did was trying to cover my cats that was caged in front of my porch. Abu was already with a camera and I was on the phone trying to reach the Balai Polis. For at least 2-3 minutes I waited and NOBODY answered the phone! Can you believe it? Of course you can! It’s the Malaysian Police Department. If there were to be other kes-kes jenayah at that time, they could only save one….

So back to the story, I was scared the heat or explosion from the car will kena my rumah. Dahtu, there was a huge Caltex oil truck that was trying to jalan right below the burning car (the burning car was at the highway atas from USJ to NPE). Nasib baik la the driver bijak and stop before he could get any closer and meletup. Abu managed to get the video of the car meletup-letup until the bomba datang and padam api. We couldn’t see the driver anywhere so I assume it must be kereta curi. If it’s short circuit, Volvo will be hearing from some lawyer soon. We’ll wait and see tomorrow’s news.

Anyway; my sister was telling me that I get to see the shooting and car explosion this year. If both combine, I can sum it up like watching the Police Academy punya show in Universal Studio. Hehehheheh… It was not as scary as the shooting but I was worried if the debris from the explosion will kena my house. I told Abu, besok gerenti I bersalin! Too much excitement in a day… Hahahahah!!!! To reporters yang nak live output of the incident, contact us. :8)

To all, if you guys baca news or tengok berita about the incident, IT HAPPENED RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE!!!!

3 thoughts on “So the drama… AGAIN!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Fuyyoo.. damn lucky! While u’re watching live action movie, I had a damn ass merchant wanting 60 approval codes.. 45 mins of my precious time!.. sigh.

    I wanna c da video! Post it!!!

  2. benbhadd says:

    hahaha…while your blog post was funny, the first comment was funnier!!!

    anyway, you should get someone to buy you lottery…looks like you damn lucky this year…

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