Wishes do come true!

CATHERINE CHERNG PEI HSIANG! Our hard work was duly paid this week! I never thought that all those years of us making fun of the pageant actually rewarded us… Did you actually saw it on TV? I saw it LIVE… I even got up early just to watch the live show…
Anyway, Vanessa and Mario just announced who Miss Congeniality was and thought that it would be ‘terrible’ if one of the contestant falls down like Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality. And it happened! I have discovered that I actually have a superpower. I’m a telepathetic!!!! The ability to make my wishes to come true… heheheh…
For those who missed it, Miss USA fell on her butt during the Evening Gown round on Miss Universe live show. Not her fault that she step on her own gown and slipped. Looking the incident from an American point of view, I came to a few conclusion;

  1. The designer’s fault – If only the dress was a few inches shorter, she wouldn’t have step on it and fell on her butt. Let’s sue the designer!
  2. The shoe maker’s fault – If only the shoe was few inches shorter, it woudln’t have caught the fress and she fell on her butt. Let’s sue the shoe maker!
  3. The Mexicans’ fault – If only they don’t come in to USA illegally and stole all those jobs in the shoe factory or dress making places, the American could have saved Rachel Smith from stepping on the dress and falling on her butt. Let’s sue Mexico!

Why I marry Abu…

He’s CONFIDENT that he looks like Tarabas (Cave of The Golden Rose punya villain-hero dude)

<– Abu

Tarabas —>

  • He also thought he resembles Jack Sparrow and a reincarnated Don Juan Demarco…

  • He’s very active…

And above all; he caved in and brought me to see Pirates 3 last Sunday… Muahahahahahahah!

I’m officially in love with Will Turner again… And did you guys see my dad? He looked a lot like abang Jack. And mumm’s head seems to smaller… I wonder what happened? hehehehh….

Down the memory lane

It’s my turn to share ol’skool pictures… Here’s all the 5th Former of Tun Fatimah on a Sunday house meeting in 1995.

Here’s me and Ina in the library. Me doing an impression of Kak Zainon wearing her sunnies… That’s her actual sunglass that I found (or busy-bodily korek from her laci)…

I love this picture of Zizie and me looking all mob-like after being forced to repel down the cliff. It was Kem motivasi for the Fifth former.

And here’s Widie and me during the ‘Pool Party’

Here’s my room in UIA. I was so into ‘A Walk To Remember’ at that time. And I love my messy room!

And lastly, me during a volleyball match. I think it’s of of the inter-varsity game… Can’t remember which one…

Confinement and me

So… Jordin Sparks wins the title and I am not happy about it but that’s that. Everyone’s asking what I’ve been doing during the confinement. Other than trying to lose the extra pelampung around the waist, I’ve been doing absolutely nothing! Actually that’s a lie. I do loads of stuff like trying to sleep when the girl sleeps but can’t sleep, trying to stay awake when the girl is awake at nite but hardly can open my eyes, trying to eat so that I can breastfeed more but can’t bcos I have no appetite… The list goes on… Oh! And also I went to KLIA to sent off my dad back to KK. There’s Abu, bapak, baby, and me…

Here’s Abu and little girl doing the same ‘hands up’ pose. Before you tilt your head and say ‘aaawww! how cute!’, this was staged. The bapak thought it’s funny to immitate the girl.

Here’s little girl with her uncle, trying to squeeze her face with his huge hands….

Here’s Khadeeja sleeping blissfully. I wish I could too… Nowadays, she don’t want to be left alone in her crib. She wants to sleep on your arms or chest or whichever part of you that could accomodate her small self in.

Here’s KD doing an impression of CK (Clark Kent) as Superman.

Me? Doing great with the confinement. I lost a lot of wieght and could fit into my size 10 jeans again. Eating is not a problem since I’m not a fussy eater. I could just eat nasi putih and ikan bilis goreng. I can’t breastfeed since she don’t want to suckle and my susu pun tak banyak. I just changed her susu to Similac since everytime after she minum Snow, she will do ‘The Exorcist’. Abu blames it on me since I muntah a lot during the pregnancy. Now she’s fine and seems to like the new milk until I had to wake up 4 times last nite to buat her susu. And nowadays, she have her ‘waking hours’… She’ll just stare at you for 2-3 hours before asking for milk and sleep. And the waking hours is usually at 2am!!!! I’ll be all blood-shot eyed trying to stay awake and if I cannot tahan, I’ll wake Abu to ganti.

So that’s all the update I could spare. I’ll try to give more interesting update other than baby stuff. I want to watch Pirates but Abu refused to take me out. Anyone who could ‘kidnap’ me? Please feel free to do so…. heheheheh….

I’m gonna go with BLAKE

Wow! Finally… I managed to get most of my comments up for AI this year. And for the finale, I’m not gonna comment on each performance. Malas la… Just to sum up the 2 contestants;

Jordin: She’s a better singer than Blake.
Blake: Other than Bo Bice’s acapella performance of ‘In A Dream’, I think he is one of the best performer ever in AI history.

Why I say Blake? Jordin is NOT the best singer in the competition. Mindy Doo was. If audience choose AI based on vocal, neither Jordin nor Blake should get the title. Mindy Doo should. I think this is a battle between 2 fan base. Jordin is the all American Girl singer and Blake is the next generation performer. So I choose Blake because both of them don’t deserve to get the title because of their vocal. Blake wins my vote because he is a great performer on stage. This season, it’s not about the singing anymore. It’s about the whole package.

Way to go Miss Doolittle!

I would like to start off my review by saying, WHAT THE HECK WERE THE JUDGES THINKING?????????? No! I’m not talking about AI. I’m talking about our Miss Universe 2007. Maybe beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder BUT the beholder is not the one who’s deciding who gets the crown. At least get somebody who doesn’t scare the judges away with the classic ‘Ah Soh’ look. Such a let down…

Now back to Idol. Top 3 already… So fast! It feels like only yesterday Ian Bernardo made a fool out of himself. If you dunno who Ian bernardo is, checkout youtube for his audition. He’s even bitchier than Marc (Wilhemina’s assistant in Ugly Betty). All in all, tonight, was a good show.

Mindy Doo: 1st performance; I Believe In You And Me, was good. No one can ever sing like Whitney but Mindy’s version was good too. She made the song singable by normal people with normal singing range. 2nd song; Nut Bush City Limits, I’ve never heard the song but am loving the energy of the performance. She even did the ‘mike stand’ (that’s what I call the rocker mike stand throw thingy). Excellent! 3rd song; I’m A Woman; Of all the song that she could pick, she repeated a song. Not that I have any problem with the song but why repeat? At least she did the whole performance in a more bombastic way.

Blake: 1st song; Roxanne, a good performance by Blake. I like the fact that he didn’t change the song to his style. 2nd song; This Love; was awesome! I think it’s one of his best performance throughout the competition. The song suits his style. 3rd song; When I Get You Alone, I’ve never heard this song either. But another great performance. Very clever of him to chose this type of song.

Jordin: 1st song; Wishing On A Star, this is the only performance by Jordin that I like tonight. Despite Simon’s disappointment on the arrangement, I actually thought the jazzy vibe makes the song ‘new’. 2nd song; She Works Hard For The Money, the performance lacks energy. I dunno how to describe it but she should’ve sang it with an extra ‘kick’. 3rd song; I Who Have Nothing, another repeat offender! The difference between her and Mindy, she sings it like she first sang it.

My prediction; Mindy and Blake. I just hope people don’t forget to vote for Mindy to save the other two. But to tell the truth, I don’t think Mindy deserve to be in the competition. She’s a professional singer. She just haven’t been discovered yet. I’m not surprised if people don’t vote for her. Blake has his own unique style. The younger generation likes his style but the ol’ skool people will not vite for him. Jordin is a young girl with an old soul. She can sing but her performance is not strong. Watcha guys think? I dunno la… Am just excited about the result tomorrow…

p/s: go to www.missunverse.com and checkout the rest of the delegates. Seriously… Am not saying she’s ugly, but I think we can do better. My favourite is Miss Tanzania. She’s bald!!!!! If she wins, the crown will be placed on her bald head. Heheheheheheh…..

Motherhood. So far…

… I’m surviving it pretty well since I’m still not working. Been worried as to how it will be once I start work again. From bathing her till feeding her… I worry about everything! My maid is reliable but maybe it’s just me being new to all of this. Dunno la! Don’t want to bore you people with my worries.

What else about motherhood? Uhm…. Oh! The waking up bit. Yes… True to the bitterest end. At least 2 times I will get up to feed and change the diaper. I’m not complaining tho. Of course I’ll be all tired and sleepy but it’s fun. I let Abu sleep now since he started working on Monday. Kesian dia pulak if I wake him up.

Diapers? We need LOADS of it! So for those who still haven’t got any clue what to get us for baby gift, buy diapers (for newborn), susu (jenama SNOW for infant), baby wipes (any brand)… I’ll list down more stuff once I figure out what I need. Heheheheh…

Baby? She’s fine… Bath time seems to get better now (it’s only been a week, and we only had her for 5 days). She doesn’t have any specific feeding or sleeping time. Some parents make sure baby feeds every 2-4 hours. Mine will not open her eyes if it’s not HER feeding time yet. Kecik2 dah rebellious.

Last week we had a lot of people in the house. My In-Laws, my mom…etc… Today, My mom went back to KK and it’s just me, Abu, my sister, and the maids at home again. Everyone starts going to work and I’m all alone with her all day. People say sleep when the baby’s sleeping. I can’t… I keep on staring at her. So jakun having this small person at home with me. :8)

OKla… I’ll update the blog tomorrow on AI. I have a strong feeling that Melinda might be out. I dunno why… Hopefully she could impress us again, and not bore us with her normal excellent performance.

The Chronicles Of Bebito

Date: 08-05-2007
Time: 5am

Where: 22, SS12/4, Subang Jaya
?: I woke up, rebus telur, ate breakfast, had a bath and gets ready to go to the hospital. Abu was still snoozing comfortably. My mom and sister just woke up and getting ready as well.
Time: 6.40am
Where: ER, Sunway Medical Centre
?: We arrived and went thru ER for registration. Do you kno that it is more expensive to register from the ER than from the admin desk? I didn’t! And yes, it is slightly expensive because it is out of normal working hour. What to do… Puan Doktor ask to get ready by 7am for the procedure. After registering, we went up to the labor ward and I thought I had to wait in my ward. Instead, they put me in the labor room straight. My mom and sister had to wait in the lounge. Abu went in with me. There was no single room available that day, so I had to stay in a double room after labor. Might sound like a snob but WHO CARES???? I will be needing my space after all those long sessions of waiting and pushing!!!!!!
Time: 8 something am
Where: Labor room, Sunway Medical Centre
?: I x remember what time Puan Doktor came and start poking me with the IV and broke my water bag. As Shanky wanted a detailed ‘pain description’, it was quite painful when she broke the water bag. I was confused and trying to figure out how to react but the procedure was just for 3 minutes and we were done. So, the waiting game has begun!!!! Oh! And the nurse asked if I want epidural immediately or wait for the pain. I decided to go for asap. Yes… I’m a big wuss… That’s me before labor!

Time: 9 something am
Where: As per above
?: I had contractions as soon as Puan Doktor broke the water bag. The ladies will understand period pain x 1000 + back pain x 1000 = contarctions. For the dudes, it’s like ‘cirit birit yang tak boleh keluar’ or ‘angin yang tak keluar dah seminggu’ pain… Some people might feel I’m exxagerating, but that’s how I felt at that point of time. Thank God the Doktor Epidural came to the rescue at 9 something am. I was pain free until the end of labor.

Time: 1pm
Where: As per above
?: Fully dialated, just waiting for Puan Doktor to ask me to push. Since the epidural has fully kicked in, I didn’t feel any pain at all. Couldn’t even feel my legs. So the lovely Staff nurse had to angkat my kaki and put it against the thingymajiggy (I dunno what those leg thingy are called). When Puan Doktor asked me to push, I ‘pushed’ but I dunno what I’m pushing out. That’s one of the drawback of taking epidural. The pushing is weak. So after almost 20 minutes of trying but cannot, (pity Abu… He was pushing with me as well. Sampai merah muka dia. heheheh) Puan Doktor took out the vacuum and start sucking the baby’s head out. She had to snip me a bit but I didn’t feel the pain, so it was fine with me. I think the main reason for me to get epidural is not labor pain, but the snipping and stitching part. I am terrified of getting cut. I’m terrified of getting stitched ( not the poking part, but the pulling of thread bit… So ngilu!!!!). Back to the story, so there I was trying to push as instructed and suddenly I felt empty in my stomach. I could feel my ribs! The baby was out and I saw the Staff nurse pulling her up high for Puan Doktor to cut the umbilical cord. That was it! at 1.39pm, my daughter was born… MY DAUGHTER!!!!

So that’s the whole journey of my labor. For those expecting mothers who is still in the quandry whether to take epidural or not, trust your instinct. Don’t ever listen to stories about it. If you want to experience the pain, I salute you! maybe you’ll have abetter experience than what I had (I was a bit disappointed when they had to vacuum her out.). But for me, the epidural was worth it. I had a great time in the labor room. Here’s some pictures for all of you…

P/S: Sori… No Idol report this week. But I’m happy Lakisha got booted out!
P/S: Thanks to Su Yin, Shanky, Boo, Jan, and Cat for coming!!!!!

Khadeeja @ a few hours after birth

Khadeeja with Mak Tua

Khadeeja with Bapak

Introducing Khadeeja Asyari Bt Abu Hassan Asyari

Khadeeja after 24 hours…
Khadeeja on 11-05-2007

A letter to all…

Dearest Friends and Families;

It’s been a long journey for the past 40 weeks for me. We’ve been thru the hormone imbalance together, the gastrik and muntah bit together (I muntah and complaint, you listened…)… Tomorrow morning at 7am, Puan Doktor will start inducing me and hopefully an hour or two later, I’ll be smsing you with the great news. Whatever it is, I would like to thank all of you for your support and prayers for us during the hard times and fun times we’ve been thru.

Thanks again and pray for us…