Oh Abang Jon!

 I’m so much biased and more critical this week because Bon Jovi is my favourite rock group of all time! What’s not to love? Richie Sambora? Hot! Tico Torres? Hot! David Bryan? Great musician! Abang Jon? Super duper extra hot with his Superman tattoo on the side! Not to mention their music rawks!This week, is one of the best week I’ve seen on idol. Again, might be because of the whole Bon Jovi theme but also I think the contestants really dig into their inner rocker feel. My negative comment would be on Paula Abdul’s attire. The theme clearly says ‘ROCK’ and she came looking like someone who just came back from a meeting. Before I get all emotional on her baju, lemme go into my list this week…

Mindy Doo: Excellent song choice! I thought she would do a slow number to suit her better. Instead, she rawks it with Have A Nice Day. I love her attitude that compliments the song as well. I think one of my favourite Mindy Doo moment throughout Idol.

Phil: Blaze Of Glory is an absolute must in the theme. I’m glad he did it. It was good. He did well vocally. The baju tho, looks like a country singer baju.

Lakisha: I still don’t like her personality but her rendition of This Ain’t A Love Song was good. I didn’t like the idea of singing a slow song in a rock themed week but she did the song justice.

Blake: As a hardcore Bon Jovi fan, I must say I did not like the idea of changing the nature of Shot Thru The Heart, BUT, it was entertaining. Still not too thrill of the beat-boxing + rocking the song thingy.

Chris: Nasal boy trying too hard to nail Wanted Dead Or Alive. Not blaming him for his vocal capability tho. The theme doesn’t suit him.

Jordin: There’s a few hundred Bon Jovi songs and she chose something that she can’t do. That’s the problem with her version of Living On A Prayer. She should have done the accoustic version of the song and do it more intimately. But I doubt she’s going back this week…

My prediction: Since there’ll be 2 people getting eliminated and the votes for last week counts, I’d say Phil and Chris are going home. Why? I would love it if Lakisha’s vote last week could have send her home but her performance this week might have saved her. Jordin did pretty well last week and she does have a strong fan base. Blake’s performance last week was good. This week depends on the viewers opinion of his performance. Like Simon said, half will hate it and half will like it. Mindy Doo is no where near the exit door. Phil is good but not memorable enough. Chris is just the victim of the situation. Since Sanjaya’s out, there’s nobody else to eliminate…. So let’s not vote for Chris… Heheheheh…

7 thoughts on “Oh Abang Jon!

  1. Ash says:

    Hey Jiah, excellent review this week! Love it! Anyway, I think it’s Jordin or Chris this week. I know she has a strong fan base but that’s sometimes not enough. Phil was good though these last couple of weeks, so we’ll see. Chris, is definitely booking his plane ticket home!

  2. Naziah says:

    It’s 4.48am and I’m up and running as if it’s already 11am! I slept at 9.50pm and slept like a baby… Maybe last nite was the last chance I had before baby comes and not let me sleep at all… heheheh… Nway, I prefer Phil to stay and boot out Lakisha. But that damn Simon go and compliment her with a kiss! I’m so bloody jeles!!!!!!!!!! that definitely will win votes from the viewers… Gosh! Now I hate her even more!

  3. mrbrightside says:

    there was a time when the guys are digging into 90s grunge rock.. i partied to a different beat:Bon Jovi heheh…

  4. Ash says:

    But you gotta admit though, she really stepped it up this week. Or else, she should have gone last week. Lucky non-elimination week. Eh, kasitau tau kalau kau suda give birth. Kitaorang mao datang melawat kalau bulih…

  5. mummy-o says:

    hi ziah!

    i go with your prediction. Cant wait for the result..Dunno whether i’ll be home in time to see or not. If not then i’ll buzz ya ok! hehe

    still no sign lagi ke??!

  6. ly-d / fara says:

    seriously… when is ur due date? .. all this american idol watching must not be good kehkeh…

    aku dok miss aje.. always lose in the battle of wills over who controls the remote… ever since amir taught kakak how to press 6 + 3 to get to her channel… waduhhh

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