A letter to all…

Dearest Friends and Families;

It’s been a long journey for the past 40 weeks for me. We’ve been thru the hormone imbalance together, the gastrik and muntah bit together (I muntah and complaint, you listened…)… Tomorrow morning at 7am, Puan Doktor will start inducing me and hopefully an hour or two later, I’ll be smsing you with the great news. Whatever it is, I would like to thank all of you for your support and prayers for us during the hard times and fun times we’ve been thru.

Thanks again and pray for us…


5 thoughts on “A letter to all…

  1. benbhadd says:

    And god says, “you can tick yes on the ‘have baby’ for Naziah Nawawie now”……

    Have an experience you won’t ever forget!!!!

  2. zezz says:

    she’s beautiful…so it’s worth the wait eh?

    congrats & enjoy the days ahead with your precious li’l one!

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