The Chronicles Of Bebito

Date: 08-05-2007
Time: 5am

Where: 22, SS12/4, Subang Jaya
?: I woke up, rebus telur, ate breakfast, had a bath and gets ready to go to the hospital. Abu was still snoozing comfortably. My mom and sister just woke up and getting ready as well.
Time: 6.40am
Where: ER, Sunway Medical Centre
?: We arrived and went thru ER for registration. Do you kno that it is more expensive to register from the ER than from the admin desk? I didn’t! And yes, it is slightly expensive because it is out of normal working hour. What to do… Puan Doktor ask to get ready by 7am for the procedure. After registering, we went up to the labor ward and I thought I had to wait in my ward. Instead, they put me in the labor room straight. My mom and sister had to wait in the lounge. Abu went in with me. There was no single room available that day, so I had to stay in a double room after labor. Might sound like a snob but WHO CARES???? I will be needing my space after all those long sessions of waiting and pushing!!!!!!
Time: 8 something am
Where: Labor room, Sunway Medical Centre
?: I x remember what time Puan Doktor came and start poking me with the IV and broke my water bag. As Shanky wanted a detailed ‘pain description’, it was quite painful when she broke the water bag. I was confused and trying to figure out how to react but the procedure was just for 3 minutes and we were done. So, the waiting game has begun!!!! Oh! And the nurse asked if I want epidural immediately or wait for the pain. I decided to go for asap. Yes… I’m a big wuss… That’s me before labor!

Time: 9 something am
Where: As per above
?: I had contractions as soon as Puan Doktor broke the water bag. The ladies will understand period pain x 1000 + back pain x 1000 = contarctions. For the dudes, it’s like ‘cirit birit yang tak boleh keluar’ or ‘angin yang tak keluar dah seminggu’ pain… Some people might feel I’m exxagerating, but that’s how I felt at that point of time. Thank God the Doktor Epidural came to the rescue at 9 something am. I was pain free until the end of labor.

Time: 1pm
Where: As per above
?: Fully dialated, just waiting for Puan Doktor to ask me to push. Since the epidural has fully kicked in, I didn’t feel any pain at all. Couldn’t even feel my legs. So the lovely Staff nurse had to angkat my kaki and put it against the thingymajiggy (I dunno what those leg thingy are called). When Puan Doktor asked me to push, I ‘pushed’ but I dunno what I’m pushing out. That’s one of the drawback of taking epidural. The pushing is weak. So after almost 20 minutes of trying but cannot, (pity Abu… He was pushing with me as well. Sampai merah muka dia. heheheh) Puan Doktor took out the vacuum and start sucking the baby’s head out. She had to snip me a bit but I didn’t feel the pain, so it was fine with me. I think the main reason for me to get epidural is not labor pain, but the snipping and stitching part. I am terrified of getting cut. I’m terrified of getting stitched ( not the poking part, but the pulling of thread bit… So ngilu!!!!). Back to the story, so there I was trying to push as instructed and suddenly I felt empty in my stomach. I could feel my ribs! The baby was out and I saw the Staff nurse pulling her up high for Puan Doktor to cut the umbilical cord. That was it! at 1.39pm, my daughter was born… MY DAUGHTER!!!!

So that’s the whole journey of my labor. For those expecting mothers who is still in the quandry whether to take epidural or not, trust your instinct. Don’t ever listen to stories about it. If you want to experience the pain, I salute you! maybe you’ll have abetter experience than what I had (I was a bit disappointed when they had to vacuum her out.). But for me, the epidural was worth it. I had a great time in the labor room. Here’s some pictures for all of you…

P/S: Sori… No Idol report this week. But I’m happy Lakisha got booted out!
P/S: Thanks to Su Yin, Shanky, Boo, Jan, and Cat for coming!!!!!

Khadeeja @ a few hours after birth

Khadeeja with Mak Tua

Khadeeja with Bapak

Introducing Khadeeja Asyari Bt Abu Hassan Asyari

Khadeeja after 24 hours…
Khadeeja on 11-05-2007

6 thoughts on “The Chronicles Of Bebito

  1. Ash says:

    Congrats to Jiah and Abu on the arrival of Khadeeja! Take care! Glad to see you both of you looking so settled and happy. đŸ™‚

  2. n|ns says:

    congrats ziah!! i’ve always liked the name khadeeja!!

    i was on epidural n imtiyaz was vacuumed out too. i don’t think i’d dare not taking epidural next time. hehehe.

  3. mummy-o says:

    hey there ziah!

    Congratulatios again!!! and yeap i do agree, khadeeja is a very lovely name…COngrats again..

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