Motherhood. So far…

… I’m surviving it pretty well since I’m still not working. Been worried as to how it will be once I start work again. From bathing her till feeding her… I worry about everything! My maid is reliable but maybe it’s just me being new to all of this. Dunno la! Don’t want to bore you people with my worries.

What else about motherhood? Uhm…. Oh! The waking up bit. Yes… True to the bitterest end. At least 2 times I will get up to feed and change the diaper. I’m not complaining tho. Of course I’ll be all tired and sleepy but it’s fun. I let Abu sleep now since he started working on Monday. Kesian dia pulak if I wake him up.

Diapers? We need LOADS of it! So for those who still haven’t got any clue what to get us for baby gift, buy diapers (for newborn), susu (jenama SNOW for infant), baby wipes (any brand)… I’ll list down more stuff once I figure out what I need. Heheheheh…

Baby? She’s fine… Bath time seems to get better now (it’s only been a week, and we only had her for 5 days). She doesn’t have any specific feeding or sleeping time. Some parents make sure baby feeds every 2-4 hours. Mine will not open her eyes if it’s not HER feeding time yet. Kecik2 dah rebellious.

Last week we had a lot of people in the house. My In-Laws, my mom…etc… Today, My mom went back to KK and it’s just me, Abu, my sister, and the maids at home again. Everyone starts going to work and I’m all alone with her all day. People say sleep when the baby’s sleeping. I can’t… I keep on staring at her. So jakun having this small person at home with me. :8)

OKla… I’ll update the blog tomorrow on AI. I have a strong feeling that Melinda might be out. I dunno why… Hopefully she could impress us again, and not bore us with her normal excellent performance.

One thought on “Motherhood. So far…

  1. Hany says:

    I’ll probably drop by some drypers and baby wipes when we come for a visit…;)
    Congrats on the newborn…

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