Way to go Miss Doolittle!

I would like to start off my review by saying, WHAT THE HECK WERE THE JUDGES THINKING?????????? No! I’m not talking about AI. I’m talking about our Miss Universe 2007. Maybe beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder BUT the beholder is not the one who’s deciding who gets the crown. At least get somebody who doesn’t scare the judges away with the classic ‘Ah Soh’ look. Such a let down…

Now back to Idol. Top 3 already… So fast! It feels like only yesterday Ian Bernardo made a fool out of himself. If you dunno who Ian bernardo is, checkout youtube for his audition. He’s even bitchier than Marc (Wilhemina’s assistant in Ugly Betty). All in all, tonight, was a good show.

Mindy Doo: 1st performance; I Believe In You And Me, was good. No one can ever sing like Whitney but Mindy’s version was good too. She made the song singable by normal people with normal singing range. 2nd song; Nut Bush City Limits, I’ve never heard the song but am loving the energy of the performance. She even did the ‘mike stand’ (that’s what I call the rocker mike stand throw thingy). Excellent! 3rd song; I’m A Woman; Of all the song that she could pick, she repeated a song. Not that I have any problem with the song but why repeat? At least she did the whole performance in a more bombastic way.

Blake: 1st song; Roxanne, a good performance by Blake. I like the fact that he didn’t change the song to his style. 2nd song; This Love; was awesome! I think it’s one of his best performance throughout the competition. The song suits his style. 3rd song; When I Get You Alone, I’ve never heard this song either. But another great performance. Very clever of him to chose this type of song.

Jordin: 1st song; Wishing On A Star, this is the only performance by Jordin that I like tonight. Despite Simon’s disappointment on the arrangement, I actually thought the jazzy vibe makes the song ‘new’. 2nd song; She Works Hard For The Money, the performance lacks energy. I dunno how to describe it but she should’ve sang it with an extra ‘kick’. 3rd song; I Who Have Nothing, another repeat offender! The difference between her and Mindy, she sings it like she first sang it.

My prediction; Mindy and Blake. I just hope people don’t forget to vote for Mindy to save the other two. But to tell the truth, I don’t think Mindy deserve to be in the competition. She’s a professional singer. She just haven’t been discovered yet. I’m not surprised if people don’t vote for her. Blake has his own unique style. The younger generation likes his style but the ol’ skool people will not vite for him. Jordin is a young girl with an old soul. She can sing but her performance is not strong. Watcha guys think? I dunno la… Am just excited about the result tomorrow…

p/s: go to www.missunverse.com and checkout the rest of the delegates. Seriously… Am not saying she’s ugly, but I think we can do better. My favourite is Miss Tanzania. She’s bald!!!!! If she wins, the crown will be placed on her bald head. Heheheheheheh…..

One thought on “Way to go Miss Doolittle!

  1. Ash says:

    Err… at least she’s skinny and has a model-esque figure. Maybe that’s what the judges were looking for. 😛 By the way, I am so sad that Doolittle got unceremoniously booted out. So near, yet so far!

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