I’m gonna go with BLAKE

Wow! Finally… I managed to get most of my comments up for AI this year. And for the finale, I’m not gonna comment on each performance. Malas la… Just to sum up the 2 contestants;

Jordin: She’s a better singer than Blake.
Blake: Other than Bo Bice’s acapella performance of ‘In A Dream’, I think he is one of the best performer ever in AI history.

Why I say Blake? Jordin is NOT the best singer in the competition. Mindy Doo was. If audience choose AI based on vocal, neither Jordin nor Blake should get the title. Mindy Doo should. I think this is a battle between 2 fan base. Jordin is the all American Girl singer and Blake is the next generation performer. So I choose Blake because both of them don’t deserve to get the title because of their vocal. Blake wins my vote because he is a great performer on stage. This season, it’s not about the singing anymore. It’s about the whole package.

One thought on “I’m gonna go with BLAKE

  1. Ash says:

    I like Blake better than Jordin, but something tells me that Jordin’s going to win. Her fan base has been phenomenal. My favorite was Melinda Doolittle though. She should have gotten into the final, based on vocal and technical abilities. But yeah, you are right, this is not just about the singing. It’s about the whole package.

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