Confinement and me

So… Jordin Sparks wins the title and I am not happy about it but that’s that. Everyone’s asking what I’ve been doing during the confinement. Other than trying to lose the extra pelampung around the waist, I’ve been doing absolutely nothing! Actually that’s a lie. I do loads of stuff like trying to sleep when the girl sleeps but can’t sleep, trying to stay awake when the girl is awake at nite but hardly can open my eyes, trying to eat so that I can breastfeed more but can’t bcos I have no appetite… The list goes on… Oh! And also I went to KLIA to sent off my dad back to KK. There’s Abu, bapak, baby, and me…

Here’s Abu and little girl doing the same ‘hands up’ pose. Before you tilt your head and say ‘aaawww! how cute!’, this was staged. The bapak thought it’s funny to immitate the girl.

Here’s little girl with her uncle, trying to squeeze her face with his huge hands….

Here’s Khadeeja sleeping blissfully. I wish I could too… Nowadays, she don’t want to be left alone in her crib. She wants to sleep on your arms or chest or whichever part of you that could accomodate her small self in.

Here’s KD doing an impression of CK (Clark Kent) as Superman.

Me? Doing great with the confinement. I lost a lot of wieght and could fit into my size 10 jeans again. Eating is not a problem since I’m not a fussy eater. I could just eat nasi putih and ikan bilis goreng. I can’t breastfeed since she don’t want to suckle and my susu pun tak banyak. I just changed her susu to Similac since everytime after she minum Snow, she will do ‘The Exorcist’. Abu blames it on me since I muntah a lot during the pregnancy. Now she’s fine and seems to like the new milk until I had to wake up 4 times last nite to buat her susu. And nowadays, she have her ‘waking hours’… She’ll just stare at you for 2-3 hours before asking for milk and sleep. And the waking hours is usually at 2am!!!! I’ll be all blood-shot eyed trying to stay awake and if I cannot tahan, I’ll wake Abu to ganti.

So that’s all the update I could spare. I’ll try to give more interesting update other than baby stuff. I want to watch Pirates but Abu refused to take me out. Anyone who could ‘kidnap’ me? Please feel free to do so…. heheheheh….

12 thoughts on “Confinement and me

  1. Naziah says:

    Of all people, I tot u wud understand how important jack sparrow is to me benjamin!!!!! HUWAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

  2. fara / ly-d says:

    wahhh i also planning to go watch jack spawwor 😛 kena buat mou with me parents to take care of the kiddies hehehe

  3. widz says:

    i did go out last night n watched jack sparrow n will turner n captain barbossa n davey jones on behalf of u ziah.

    wei dah pantang tu dok umah je dendiam! hehehehe

  4. Anonymous says:

    give a kiss to cutie pie for me..

    i’ve not watch Pirates too.. if u want me to ‘culik’ u , let me know.. hehehe


  5. benbhadd says:

    ooo…looks like someone got stalker, hahaha…

    Tis ok, you can watch Jack before me, not that I care much…I wait for DVD because lazy go cinema rebut rebut fight fight for tickets…

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