Down the memory lane

It’s my turn to share ol’skool pictures… Here’s all the 5th Former of Tun Fatimah on a Sunday house meeting in 1995.

Here’s me and Ina in the library. Me doing an impression of Kak Zainon wearing her sunnies… That’s her actual sunglass that I found (or busy-bodily korek from her laci)…

I love this picture of Zizie and me looking all mob-like after being forced to repel down the cliff. It was Kem motivasi for the Fifth former.

And here’s Widie and me during the ‘Pool Party’

Here’s my room in UIA. I was so into ‘A Walk To Remember’ at that time. And I love my messy room!

And lastly, me during a volleyball match. I think it’s of of the inter-varsity game… Can’t remember which one…

3 thoughts on “Down the memory lane

  1. zezz says:


    was damn scared at first…but at last taknak turun!

    the house meeting tu was the last one for us right?

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