My preciousssss….

Other than coffee, the second thing I can’t live without is my ipod. Just got this new skin from Mid Valley last week. Cool huh? It’s a design by tokidoki. For those ipod freaks like me, go to iskin to view more new products. Notice what’s playing on my ipod? Captain Jack Sparrow and all of his glory on top of his ‘ship’…

That 70’s Show

So I still have like 6 days until I start work again. Yeap… 2nd July, I’ll be working 7am… And the coolest thing is, my off days will be 3 days straight! I got the weird weekend+monday combo… Kewl! Anyways, I plan to spend the next 5 days shopping and watching That 70’s Show. Just finished season one. Damn they are one funny group of people! The show also made me think (yes… I can use my head for purposes other than making fun of people!). What was I in school?
I mean, was I a ‘Kelso’ or a ‘Hyde’? I was not one of the kids who everyone knows. I certainly was not a brainiac. Also not a jock… Hmm… If I were to choose, I think I was a ‘Fez’. Weird, but not with an accent, blur, but not that I get bullied like him (there’s only 3 people which are allowed to bully me; zizie, widie and ina… heheh… don’t ask me why but they just can!).
Here’s another trivia I stole from Esah. Enjoy it and think about your ‘character’ in school… If anybody could decide themself as a ‘Kelso’, lemme kno… 🙂
1. What were you doing five minutes ago?
Downloading ‘sesaat kau hadir’ by Harvey Malaiholo on Ares. So hard to get that song! I love Harvey Malaiholo. I’m looking for the same song but sang by Utha Likumahua… I love Utha Likumahua… And yes… I listen to malay songs too (mostly Indonesian rather than Malaysian).
2. What are you favorite sports?
Does walking with shopping bags counts? Playing? Golf is good. Although I only go to driving range and never played on the green before. To watch, I’d have to say hockey. Although I never kno what’s the rules of the game. Football’s cool too (if there’s Raul or Beckham or Ilhan Mansiz playing… heheheh). But I think the best football player is Ronaldinho. I like his moves —> only a girl would describe it this way!
3. Did you have a fight with someone today?
Not yet.. I just woke up. But I plan to kick somebody’s ass this week… :-p
4. Who cheers you up the most in life?
Hmm… This is one hard question. Theoretically, I should mention someone like Abu or my mom or any sort of family member, but practically it’s those people who gets my jokes. I mean, my jokes are like way, way beyond normal level of sarcasm that any normal people could handle. So I have to say Cat and Marina… Oh! And also Praba! Yes! Praba IS a ‘Kelso’!!!!
5. Do you chat?
You mean on the net? Hardly… All the people that I need to talk to are just an sms away.
6. Who did you chat with today?
Nobody yet.
7. Do you like to laugh?
I’m watching That 70’s Show… I have the whole collection of FRIENDS… And, my idol is Lorelai Gilmore… That should give you my answer.
8. Do you have something you must do right now?
Yes. Brush my teeth, mandi, change my kid’s diaper, and go shopping. I plan to spend the whole day in One Utama, shopping alone, spending my ‘not supposed to be spend on’ money buying new baju, kasut and earrings (Cat: I found a kedai there that has cool earrings). Also have to buy a dress for Kady.
9. What makes you pissed off?
I’d have to say I don’t get pissed off easily but when I do, it’s a disaster to all. As most of you kno, I don’t forgive that easily and bitch about watever it is that I’m not happy with for a looooooooong time. But there’s no particular ‘thing’ that pisses me off.
10. What are you looking forward to in the future?
Opening my own bussiness, writing and publishing a book, my kid going off to a good school, getting a new cat once my sister moves out with the cats we have now, learning to cook, to own a jeep… The list goes on endlessly…
Btw, watcha think of the new blog look? I’m experimenting to get ‘THE’ look…

Naziah Nawawie has landed… back in KL lah!!!

Yes… yes… I’m back after almost 3 weeks in KK. Sigh… I love KK. So peaceful… So many Starbucks/Coffee Bean/San Fransisco Coffee within a few miles radius… Sigh… And you kno what? On a clear sunny cloudless day, I can see Gunung Kinabalu from my window. Sigh… I miss KK…

‘Nuff about me missing KK. Waddup with KL? So far, it’s been me spending a lot on groceries yesterday. All the time me in KK, Abu didn’t buy any groceries. He wanted to wait for the pro to come back and do the shopping. I had fun buying stuff (don’t judge me! I haven’t been shopping for quite some time. I AM NOT A SHOPAHOLIC!), until I see the amount. Die!!!! Then I remembered I bought pampers and susu baby. Those 2 items are expensibe I must say…

So tomorrow I’ll be heading out to KL. Need to do some banking, interview to attend, see some friends… Did I mention the interview? It’s nothing actually. Just an interview for a position in my department. Lateral move? Err… Not really… Different title, same job with a little extra twist in it… I hope I could get the interview done by 4pm, to avoid traffic…. Interview starts at 3pm. That is if I rajin nak turun KL la… My boss actually wanted to do a phone interview only. See la how my mood goes tomorrow.

Here’s another trivia I took from Esah (more! I want more! muahahahah!!!!)… Enjoy reading and doing it:

1. What do you miss the most?
KK, the beach, my mom… Sigh…

2. What do you do if you meet a person that you hate?
If I have the option of leaving the place, I’d do that. If not, I’ll ignore the person. I’m good at ignoring people… coughMEVRAUcouchcoughCATMARINAcoughcough…

3. One item you really want?
Now: New wardrobe since I lost loads of weight now. Even my jeans are too longgar. Forever: A jeep. I dunno why but I’ve always liked Suzuki Jimny. My grandma used to have one when I was in TKC and I’ve always hoped that they will give me the jeep as a graduation gift.

4. What do you do if you’re talking to a really stupid person?
I have a really really almost non existing patience towards stupidity. I’ll try to avoid talking to this type of people but if I stumbled across one, I will use simple words and not more than 5 words in a sentence.

5. Last book I read?
I’m reading ‘Sleeping with the fishes’ by Mary Janice Dickinson. It’s something that I don’t have to think when I read type of book. It’s a bimbo book…

6. The person you’re thinking of?
Myself… I’m thinking about my plan for tomorrow. Heh…

7. Last gossip I just heard?
I don’t gossip… Hahahahahahhahaha…..

8. Last testimonial in Friendster?
A congratulations from Nantheni

9. Last person to call me?

10. Last song I sang?
Makes me wonder by Maroon 5. My kid likes the song. Everytime I sing it, she falls asleep… Wait a minute… That came out different…

11. Last place I visited?
My uncle’s place in Tropicana last nite
12. Last SMS from?
From DIGI, informing me it’s now only 25 sen to call Indonesia…

13. Last cousin I met.
Cousins in Tropicana (Lisa, Arief, Kamilia and Karina)

14. What did I do last weekend?
We went to celebrate my sister’s birthday in Sutera Harbor on Saturday. Also went window shopping with my aunty at this new shopping mall in KK (cool place btw…). And on Sunday, we came back to KL, I went grocery shopping and we went to visit my uncle.

15. Who is your hero (in)?
Other than superman? My mom; for being a strong person and a good daughter to her parents. Myself; for not giving up hope on having a kid (patience pay, my friends!)

Kenduri Cukur Jambul and pantang update

Khadeeja with Auntie A.J and Auntie Pai

Khadeeja with bapak and mommy during kenduri cukur jambul

Khadeeja with bapak and Atuk during kenduri cukur jambul

Kenduri bercukur jambul on 8th June 07 in KK

Khadeeja and Uncle Nabil

Khadeeja and Uncle Naeem

ok… so picture overload again. These are the latest pictures during last week’s kenduri in KK. I am still in KK (supposedly went back yesterday) but my mom got sick and was admitted to Sabah Medical Center. So, me and me sister decide to postpone until me mom is fully ok.

Khadeeja is fine. Susah nak be-be but at least she buang once a day. Me? I’m ok… Pantang? Entahla… I still take jamu. Bengkung dah tak pakai because it’s too longgar already (yes..yes.. I lost weight… loads of it actually)… Makan? I eat everything now. But I rarely eat too… I sleep only a few hours a day but I’m used to it already. I was planning of going to the ofis this week but since I’m still in KK, have to wait until I get back to check my emails and update my system passwords… Cat; yes, I miss work and don’t roll your eyes! After almost 3 months of doing nothing, you will eventually miss working.

A few shoutouts before I leave;

Abu: I lebiu! 🙂
Ben: Wassup?
Cat: I’m bored… Also I love Jack Sparrow and Will Turner
Marina: When will we see you? And I love Jack Sparrow and Will Turner
Janice: I miss you…
Esah: More trivia please!
Ofis family: I miss you people a lot! I’ll come visit soon…
TKC sistahs: Will we have any kind of reunion this year?
Other friends: Hello!!!

TRIVIA TIME… Taken from Esah’s blog…

EIGHT last:
Alcohol beverage: Don’t do alcohol
Beverage: Air sejuk… Just had lunch…
Phone call: Abu. Asked him to buy ‘air badak’ for me mommy. Dia demam… 😦
Text message: To Kak Su… She was asking me about ‘Hanoi Bride’ (Korean movie).
Bubble bath: Just only last nite, in my dream tho… Heheheh…
Time I laughed: This morning with Kak Norma. We were talking about Paris Hilton’s stupid jail term and the funny, funny, story of the demented American law.
Time I hugged someone: My kid… I was holding her like a rugby ball and almost ‘pass’ her to her Uncle Nabil. So I hugged her instead…

SEVENS have you ever:
Dated someone only twice: WHAT?????!!!!! I’m not that cruel….
Cheated on someone: Does dating orlando Bloom and Jared Padalecki at the same time considered cheating?
Kissed someone and regretted it: A lady never tells…
Fallen in love: Everyday…
Lost someone: To death? Nope… To situation? Yes… To another girl? Yes… To another man? maybe…
Been depressed: I’m only human…

SIX things you did in the past three days:
Went to school: I don’t anymore BUT I pass by a school yesterday… Heheheh…
Went to work: On maternity leave
Kicked someone: Not recently… But I have tho!
Got drunk: Yeap… I don’t need alcohol to get drunk… Ribena have the same effect for me.
Slept: 3 hours every nite! That’s luxurious beauty sleep for me.
Got frustrated: Yesterday… Had loads to do yesterday… My kid’s majlis bercukur jambul yesterday…

List FIVE people you can pretty much tell ANYTHING to:
a) Amelia
b) Cat
c) Marina
d) My cats
e) My ikan laga