Kenduri Cukur Jambul and pantang update

Khadeeja with Auntie A.J and Auntie Pai

Khadeeja with bapak and mommy during kenduri cukur jambul

Khadeeja with bapak and Atuk during kenduri cukur jambul

Kenduri bercukur jambul on 8th June 07 in KK

Khadeeja and Uncle Nabil

Khadeeja and Uncle Naeem

ok… so picture overload again. These are the latest pictures during last week’s kenduri in KK. I am still in KK (supposedly went back yesterday) but my mom got sick and was admitted to Sabah Medical Center. So, me and me sister decide to postpone until me mom is fully ok.

Khadeeja is fine. Susah nak be-be but at least she buang once a day. Me? I’m ok… Pantang? Entahla… I still take jamu. Bengkung dah tak pakai because it’s too longgar already (yes..yes.. I lost weight… loads of it actually)… Makan? I eat everything now. But I rarely eat too… I sleep only a few hours a day but I’m used to it already. I was planning of going to the ofis this week but since I’m still in KK, have to wait until I get back to check my emails and update my system passwords… Cat; yes, I miss work and don’t roll your eyes! After almost 3 months of doing nothing, you will eventually miss working.

A few shoutouts before I leave;

Abu: I lebiu! 🙂
Ben: Wassup?
Cat: I’m bored… Also I love Jack Sparrow and Will Turner
Marina: When will we see you? And I love Jack Sparrow and Will Turner
Janice: I miss you…
Esah: More trivia please!
Ofis family: I miss you people a lot! I’ll come visit soon…
TKC sistahs: Will we have any kind of reunion this year?
Other friends: Hello!!!

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