That 70’s Show

So I still have like 6 days until I start work again. Yeap… 2nd July, I’ll be working 7am… And the coolest thing is, my off days will be 3 days straight! I got the weird weekend+monday combo… Kewl! Anyways, I plan to spend the next 5 days shopping and watching That 70’s Show. Just finished season one. Damn they are one funny group of people! The show also made me think (yes… I can use my head for purposes other than making fun of people!). What was I in school?
I mean, was I a ‘Kelso’ or a ‘Hyde’? I was not one of the kids who everyone knows. I certainly was not a brainiac. Also not a jock… Hmm… If I were to choose, I think I was a ‘Fez’. Weird, but not with an accent, blur, but not that I get bullied like him (there’s only 3 people which are allowed to bully me; zizie, widie and ina… heheh… don’t ask me why but they just can!).
Here’s another trivia I stole from Esah. Enjoy it and think about your ‘character’ in school… If anybody could decide themself as a ‘Kelso’, lemme kno… 🙂
1. What were you doing five minutes ago?
Downloading ‘sesaat kau hadir’ by Harvey Malaiholo on Ares. So hard to get that song! I love Harvey Malaiholo. I’m looking for the same song but sang by Utha Likumahua… I love Utha Likumahua… And yes… I listen to malay songs too (mostly Indonesian rather than Malaysian).
2. What are you favorite sports?
Does walking with shopping bags counts? Playing? Golf is good. Although I only go to driving range and never played on the green before. To watch, I’d have to say hockey. Although I never kno what’s the rules of the game. Football’s cool too (if there’s Raul or Beckham or Ilhan Mansiz playing… heheheh). But I think the best football player is Ronaldinho. I like his moves —> only a girl would describe it this way!
3. Did you have a fight with someone today?
Not yet.. I just woke up. But I plan to kick somebody’s ass this week… :-p
4. Who cheers you up the most in life?
Hmm… This is one hard question. Theoretically, I should mention someone like Abu or my mom or any sort of family member, but practically it’s those people who gets my jokes. I mean, my jokes are like way, way beyond normal level of sarcasm that any normal people could handle. So I have to say Cat and Marina… Oh! And also Praba! Yes! Praba IS a ‘Kelso’!!!!
5. Do you chat?
You mean on the net? Hardly… All the people that I need to talk to are just an sms away.
6. Who did you chat with today?
Nobody yet.
7. Do you like to laugh?
I’m watching That 70’s Show… I have the whole collection of FRIENDS… And, my idol is Lorelai Gilmore… That should give you my answer.
8. Do you have something you must do right now?
Yes. Brush my teeth, mandi, change my kid’s diaper, and go shopping. I plan to spend the whole day in One Utama, shopping alone, spending my ‘not supposed to be spend on’ money buying new baju, kasut and earrings (Cat: I found a kedai there that has cool earrings). Also have to buy a dress for Kady.
9. What makes you pissed off?
I’d have to say I don’t get pissed off easily but when I do, it’s a disaster to all. As most of you kno, I don’t forgive that easily and bitch about watever it is that I’m not happy with for a looooooooong time. But there’s no particular ‘thing’ that pisses me off.
10. What are you looking forward to in the future?
Opening my own bussiness, writing and publishing a book, my kid going off to a good school, getting a new cat once my sister moves out with the cats we have now, learning to cook, to own a jeep… The list goes on endlessly…
Btw, watcha think of the new blog look? I’m experimenting to get ‘THE’ look…

7 thoughts on “That 70’s Show

  1. Anonymous says:

    aloo…salam kenal ziah. thanks alot juga coz nge-add. i’m very appreciate. seneng juga punya temen dari negeri jiran. Negeri yang cantik. Lagu sesaat kau hadir yang versi lama(aq gak tau harvey ato utha yang nyanyi). soalnya aku generasi 85-an. Ada versi aransemen baru dari lagu itu yang dinyayikan oleh balawan. coba download di Asal ada account
    Aku dapet lagunya disitu. Lagunya merdu

  2. zezz says:

    much better than your previous blog layout & color lah…sakti mata la the old one!

    btw, i NEVER bully u tau…NEVER!

  3. Naziah says:

    halo rizal! welcome to my blog! bagus bangat lagu versi balawan. but gue still prefer harvey’s version. 🙂

    zizie; of kos u NEVER bullied me! i said, u are ALLOWED to bully me. heh…

    nina; so the very girlish and groovy girl power background… maybe it’s the 70’s show punya tempias…

  4. mummy-o says:


    i thot i wanted to go for a chg one morn and did just that. Not knowing that its the same as yours!! haha…what a BIG coincidence . (nins yg pointed it out to me)

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