Back in the ofis!

So… I was looking for advertisements featuring celebs for Amex. This is one of my favourite. I mean, Ellen Degeneres IS VERY, VERY FUNNY. Since Oprah moved to Hallmark, I’ve been watching Ellen’s show instead. It’s a cool show and the interviews are not as prolonged as Oprah’s. And hardly any sob-sob session in her show. She’s funny! Did I say that already? Kewl!!!
Anyway, I’m back in the ofis. Yeap…. Very-very-very excited about it at first but as soon as I reach my desk, I come to my senses and realized I left my kid at home… Today is the third day. Feeling much better and confident leaving her with the bibik. Well done Naziah!!!!
I have a lot of updates to do but I don’t feel like doing it yet. Maybe after this week I’ll be on the run again. I leave you people with this;

“My father taught me to work; he did not teach me to love it.”

-Abraham Lincoln-


One thought on “Back in the ofis!

  1. fara / ly-d says:

    first few weeks definitely tough… if u were breastfeeding, it’ll feel worse as at the supposed feed time – ur bonbons will start aching .. yarghhh

    anywho… welcome back to the working masses!!

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