Trivia time (again?!)!!!!!!!!!

I’m gonna do 2 trivias today, thanks to Esah… Sorry it couldn’t come any sooner…

1. What’s bothering you right now?
I dunno wat baju to wear to work tomorrow… I have to decide tonite and ask my maid to iron it.

2. Describe your:

  • wallet: Liz Claiborne, rusty brown that looks like it belongs to the prop from Indiana Jones’s movie. It was a birthday gift and I loved it!
  • wallpaper on your pc: Kady’s picture
  • background on your cellphone: Kady’s picture again… I’m still so jakun with the fact that I own a kid… :-p
  • jewellery worn daily: 3 pairs of earring and a watch
  • eyes: My right cornea is not a complete round. It has a dent on it. So weird…
  • life: Simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. What are you:

  • doing this weekend: Saturday; hang out with Cat and Marina (if neither one of us ffk each other again). Sunday; hang out with Abu and Kady
  • wearing: Spongebob pyjama pants and a pink t-shirt that says ‘I didn’t do it’…
  • wanting: I want to watch the DVDs that I got last week (Ocean’s 13 and some other crappy movie)
  • listening: Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix (listening library performed by Jim Dale).
  • smell like: Baby powder and sup ayam (just had my dinner).

4. Do you:

  • believe in soul mate: I believe Warrick Brown and I are destined NOT to be together… sob…sob…sob…
  • believe in miracles: By God’s will, yes…
  • burn quickly in the sun: Unfortunately no. I always wanted to look ‘gold’ but that never happens. I turn red and in a few hours, I’ll be pink again.


1. Andaikata saya tertido selama 22 tahun:

Kady will be 21 and I’ll be in a glass container like Snow White!

2. Andaikata saya terperangkap dlm lif:

Saya akan menekan butang ‘help’ dan menjerit-jerit meminta tolong seperti orang gila. I’m claustrophibic…

3. Andaikata saya memiliki tanah seluas 100 hektar:

I will build a farm where I keep unwanted cats and also an orphanage with a school to those who need help.

4. Andaikata saya berlawanan jantina:

Never thought of this before… Lemme see… What’s interesting and only boys can do and girls can’t…. Hmmm…. Can’t think of any….

5. Andaikata saya tak dapat melelapkan mata selama setahun:

As I’m thinking of the answer to this question, my eyes automatically felt heavier…

6. Andaikata saya boleh terbang seperti pari-pari:

I’ll be staying in KK and working in KL. Also I don’t have to worry about my flight tickets for my yearly Tokyo trip… Heh…

7. Andaikata saya dikurniakan sejumlah wang berjuta-juta:

I will travel the whole world and spend it on my cat farm and orphanage (see Q3)

8. Andaikata saya memiliki kilang kereta:

This trivia was meant for man only is it? Why would I want a kilang kereta?With the money I have from Q7, I’d buy Harrods!!!

9. Andaikata saya jadi penyanyi:

Pastinya hujan tidak akan berhenti turun dan cermin-cermin pun akan pecah.

10. Andaikata saya bukan bekerja sekarang:

Yang pasti; saya tidak akan menjadi suri rumah. Most probably I’ll have my own business. A small coffee shop with books for people to rent….

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