1995 was a good year!

If you are one of my classmates/dormmates, you’ll remember this book. It was my journal back in our final year in school. I took (ripped the pictures off) from the National Geographic Magazine in our library. Lucky I never get caught by Kak Zainon.

Here’s some of the journal entries that might be interesting:

Notice the date? According to the journal, on 2nd Aug 1995, we took pictures for Saujana. I’m guessing we don’t have classes and started berpeleseran everywhere. I think me and Zizie tried to include our face in all of the club pictures… Even the ones that we don’t belong to… Heeheehee…

A piece from our desk wrapper thingy. And also Elynor’s address… Hahahaha! Mummy-O, if you have a stalker, this post is a good place for them… Got your address and phone number (if it never change la)…

This is my FAVOURITE part of the journal. As per my prior post, I collect quotes and stuff. These are some taken from other school yearbooks, seminars…etc… Especially to WIDIE: “Aku adalah aku. Aku bukan kamu, kamu bukan aku…”….. Muahahahaha!

16 thoughts on “1995 was a good year!

  1. zezz says:

    ahaha gawd!

    there are times when the only way to uphold justice is to break the rules – rock on! we “uphold justice” like mad those days haha

  2. Naziah says:

    yeap… i bet Puan Sabarriah ada at least 5 bijik buku 555 of MY PEACEKEEPING ACTIONS. 1 for each year but at least 2 books for 1994…. Widie; MAR tu sapa? heheheheheheheh…… p/s: I even have Hasnor Eida ‘plotting’ in “AZHAR’S BDAY” in the book. Hidup KRKK!

  3. mrbrightside says:

    aku pun ada diari seperti itu. ia berupa sebuah buku diari siswa yg penuh dengan contengan merapu..it’s safely in my junk box now..reading this post..malam ni aku nak tunjuk kat my daughter sambil mendengar lagu
    I Swear dendangan All For One…

  4. Naziah says:

    I SWEAR!!!! ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahaahahahahahahahahahahahah!

  5. mrbrightside says:

    hehhee dude you seriously thought that i would play that?in front of jannah lagi..hehe.1995 was the year of soundgarden,soul asylum and stone temple pilots.. semua band dah R.I.P. tapi scott weiland still rocks with Velvet Revolver woohoo

  6. Anonymous says:


    why la my address is there pulak?

    No.18 or is that for the dates?

    Were you gonna post sth to me back then?


    And to all my stalkers out there (haha!), i do NOT live at that address ANYMORE!!!!


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