Singapore, here I come!

Here’s me… Still dunno what to pack for my very first business trip ever! Yeap… Company finally sending me to Singapore for training. Excited, of course but not really happy as will be spending 9 days without sleeping partners… That’s right… My kid and hubby not coming with me (like duh! kerja la!). So sad… So sad…

So here’s Abu and Kady… A very happy looking Abu…. Kept psychoing me into crying… Sobsobsob… My original plan was to come back for the weekend but me mom say CANNOT (yes… I’m still very much scared of my mom). Also Abu say ‘GO SHOPPING’ (wtf… first time ever diud!!! usually he roll his eyes everytime I bring up the ‘S’ word). Johana say ‘nanti tengah-tengah shopping air mata mengalir la pulak..’ Baldiful betul la Jo! It’s been long since I last went to Singapore. So not very familliar with the shopping place (ask me about Tokyo, I tell you what train to take…)
Anyways… Being me, very kiasu and all, checking out places of interest (marks and spencer, borders, hmv, kinokuniya…), siap with the map of which train to take… Sigh… Kalau ada budget tu takpe jugak. I might just end up visiting the Singapore Zoo… Cat, join me! Let’s go to the zoo togeder-geder……

Will update more once I’m there… I’m leaving 12noon tomorrow (12th Aug) and coming back on the last flight out 9.20pm on 21st Aug….


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