Rain, rain go away…

For the past 2 days, every morning it rained here in Singapore. I hope tomorrow I could sleep in with the same weather. If it doesn’t rain tomorrow, I’m pretty sure mother nature is against me! Or maybe just Janice, getting angry at some merchant… Or Catherine, getting too excited for her trip to see dugong with me… Or our virgin sacrifice didn’t work… Sigh….

To Abu: I love you!
To Janice: wish you were here…
To Cat: see you 2moro
To Shanky: shoes in Takashimaya are DAMN expensive
To Nina/Ainil/Widie/Huda: Waddup wif our conference yesterday?
To Boo: stop sending me cute kitty and puppy pictures. I haven’t touch any cats since I arrived because they don’t have stray cats here.. I believe this is the longest period, me not touching any cats. Even in Tokyo I get to play wif cats!!!!!!
To Johana: mung punya Dawson Creek takdok!
To Marina: me and Cat gonna go see dugong and feed tigers at nite!
To all: Miss you guys… Can’t wait to go back.

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