… and this little piggy went shopping….

Day: Saturday

Venue: Orchard Road

I had company on Saturday. Cat came to visit. Our original plan was to go to the zoo, but once again, nature was against us. What have I done to deserve such treatment from mother nature? I recycle. I love animals. I’m an environmentalist!!!! And since we didn’t have a plan B, we ended up walking without purpose (yet another LOSER story). I was so tired couldn’t even walk any further than Paragon. So we decided to go back. Story won’t be complete without at least one loser incident. We waited for a cab, none stop for us. So we decided to take MRT. And along the walk to MRT station, 3 buses going directly back to the hotel passed by…..
Day: Sunday
Venue: Bugis

After the long walk on Saturday, Cat and I slept and slept and slept until the construction workers woke us up with all the noises… Damn those people! But if not, Cat would’ve missed her bus back… Heh… After lunch @ Raffles Hospital food court, we went to Bugis. Cat took MRT to Kranji to catch her bus and I was on a suicide mission. My feet were screaming to stop but I kept going. Spend almost 4 hours just around Bugis. It was the most well spend 4 hours ever. A lot of interesting places to go and shopping is great in Bugis. I also found a cat in Bugis…. Here’s some pictures:

This is Ginger the Cat. Yes… I named the cat! Played with Ginger for 30 mins, before I realize everyone was staring at me…. I wish I had cat food…. Next time, I’ll bring cat food everywhere I go…

The best carrot cake ever! $4 and it’s a hefty portion!

This is especially for Cat (not Ginger… CPH)…
I’d buy it if it’s not so expensive…. :-p

A very tired me after 2 days of non-stop walkinh with Abu’s new golf straw hat…..
One nite to go and I’m back in KL… Can’t wait. I almost can’t breathe last nite… Miss Kady too much….

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