Anak and Bapak

Abu wanted his pictures in my blog. Very vain dude. Just like Michael Kelso!!!!

So here’s Abu with Kady @ Singgahsana Hotel during buka puasa with Widie/huuby/Zana, Leleque, Ghose, Figette/hubby, Nailah/hubby/anak2, Nanie/hubby/anak, Jaja/family, Hefleen and Ainnal/hubby. She was cranky because her beauty sleep terganggu. Cried whenever Ainnal came close to her… The food was EXCELLENT. Hats off to the Chefs. You guys must go for the food! It was a bit cramped up tho…. The murtabak and bubur lambuk is the best!

2 thoughts on “Anak and Bapak

  1. fara / ly-d says:

    ainnal memang kiddie terrorist.. anak aku pun dia suka kaco… though the other day mase tembung @ klcc, dpt free snickers from aunty ainnal dia… kehkeh..

    demm… i didn’t notice the invite for buka puasa until after the thingy was past!! warghhhhhhhhhh

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