Nurin Jazlin… May she rest in peace.

Takziah to families and friends of the little girl who was kidnapped and brutally murdered, Nurin Jazlin. I just can’t imagine what the family must be going thru now. My prayers are with them. I think God is Great. If Nurin hadn’t passed on, the psychobastard would’ve still be sexually abusing her. I’m touching all woods (nauzubillah) now, everytime I look at or even think of Khadeeja. For you out there, let us all pray for her. Let’s hope that the psychobastard is captured SOON and let there be public hanging or castration so that all those who are thinking of having a career as a molester/rapist stop. I hope the government give him or them capital punishment and not just penjara seumur hidup with 200 rotan. That would be injustice! A life for a life… Send him to God. Let God handle him as what he deserves.

So parents, aunties, uncles, brothers, sisters; we must ALWAYS remember:

  • Never let your child wander alone
  • Never leave them unaccompanied
  • Any suspicous person lurking about your place, please inform the police ASAP
  • Let your maids know, NOT to talk to strangers at all!
  • And remember… This happened in MALAYSIA, not somewhere in New York or Las Vegas….
  • The world is no longer a safe place for us…

Once again, Al-Fatihah to her…

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