The new look…

Like it? Abu don’t… The top is beautiful but the bottom page is a bit bare… It’s not very user friendly too. Very hard to find my way around. I can’t even locate where to sign in… If you want to get a new template, click here


The curse of the orange cat

Another cat died 2 days ago. He was orange, and very, very manja, and he got an extra toe on all paws… Lemme share the story of The curse of the orange cat…

Abu LOVES orange cats. His criteria for cats are:
  1. must be orange
  2. male
  3. manja with him

His first orange cat was Garfield. I don’t have his picture but he really was a ‘garfield’. Fat, orange, lazy, eat-a-lot, likes-to-sleep… Abu got him when he was in UIA. Garfield was not friendly to everyone but very loyal to Abu. We were staying @ Ridzuan Condo in Sunway at that time. After a year, we moved to our house now in SS12 Subang Jaya. He came along but after a week, we lost him. One day we decided to go back to Sunway to check if our letters are still being sent there. And guess what? Garfield was there, waiting for us to take him up to our old place. We took him back to Subang, and he went back again to Sunway. And the third time it happened, we couldn’t find him anymore…

The second cat was my favourite. Benji was taken from Su Yin’s aunty. He was obese (bigger than garfield), with bengal cat pattern, eyes so big that it looked a bit crossed-eye, sprawled on the floor like superman flying, and sleeps sitting down like a human being. He was my sleeping partner, even during my pregnancy (so it’s taboo when people say throw your cats away when you get pregnant. Not good for pregnancy. You only need to avoid handling their poo-poo)… The only bad habit that he got is poo-ping right in front of my bedroom door. It was always at the same spot! See my profile picture? That’s Benji. He likes eating plastic bags. He died due to fever and stomachache. Must be due to all the plastic bags he ate. I cried for 2 weeks!!!!!

The third cat was Oren, who died 2 days ago. A very special cat this one. We’ve never had any cat which liked car-ride as much as this one. Not even afraid if a car approach him. That’s how he died too… My sister called me, crying like hell, telling me some bloody idiot (btw, I cursed that the person’s car/motorbike punya tayar semua pancit/kena curi.. And the rim also bengkok so that he/she will need to fork out at least a thousand just to buy new tires and rims!) langgar the cat… I didn’t cry, but I do miss Oren…

That’s the story of The curse of the orange cat. Next time Abu wants a cat, I’ll get a female, anything but orange cat….. Sigh….

Anak and Bapak

Abu wanted his pictures in my blog. Very vain dude. Just like Michael Kelso!!!!

So here’s Abu with Kady @ Singgahsana Hotel during buka puasa with Widie/huuby/Zana, Leleque, Ghose, Figette/hubby, Nailah/hubby/anak2, Nanie/hubby/anak, Jaja/family, Hefleen and Ainnal/hubby. She was cranky because her beauty sleep terganggu. Cried whenever Ainnal came close to her… The food was EXCELLENT. Hats off to the Chefs. You guys must go for the food! It was a bit cramped up tho…. The murtabak and bubur lambuk is the best!

Pictures galore…

A lot happened last week… Karina’s 7th birthday party… Went to visit Fuadi… Here’s some pictures….


Introducing Noor Iman Fuadi

Fuadi and Auntie Ziah

Move over Angelina Jolie! the new ‘lips’ has arrived!

I wanted to buy the new Tamagotchi version 4.5 but Benjamin said, “you already have a baby… that’s as good as a Tamagotchi”…


Kady with her Tok Pendi and Uncle Changlun during Karina’s birthday party…

Kady @ 4 months

  • @ 4 months, she could finish one whole bottle of Gerber’s carrot… Gemuk la anak aku…
  • Very impatient if we lambat masukkan sudu dalam mulut dia…. Must be fast feeder… Rakus gitu…
  • I think she weighs more than 6kg now. Sangat ‘ringan’….

  • Bangun SANGAT awal and wants us to talk to her.
  • Sudah pandai membebel…
  • Bites, pulls hair, cubit (must be Auntie Janice’s bad habit catching on her.. Really painful small pinches, okay?!!!!!!!!)
  • She knos when we bawa her jalan-jalan and loves it.

To go, or not to go… That is the question!

Matta Fair again… Damn! Ticket prices really hiked up like s**t! Back in 2005, KL-Tokyo-KL was RM990 (without tax). Now, the cheapest is RM1500 + RM 639 for tax. Tu tak masuk hotel lagi…. Sigh… BUT, by God, I’m definitely going somewhere next year. It’s been 2 years since I go on a nice holiday with Abu. And next year, I plan on either Gold Coast or Tokyo. Sigh…. If I go Tokyo, I don’t have to buy any tour package. Just the Air Ticket, and hotel I can get cheaper from the internet. If Gold Coast, I need a tour package. But since Air Asia will soon start flying there, I think I’ll wait… Sigh… To those who plans to go for a holiday, I recommend these websites:

Reliance air ticket is much cheaper than boustead (as far as Matta fair price is concern la). Octopus travel gives you list of really, really cheap hotels all over the world. So check it out!!!!
Will update again later, after I go to PWTC… IF I go to PWTC… Sigh…