Driving Miss Kady

Coincedently even her pacifier is pink! I did not, I repeat, I DID NOT plan the outfit (and NO! I’m not a big fan of the kaler). People just love giving me pink stuff because I look good with it… Heheheheh…

The one with the 90’s

I like this type of topic… Reminiscing about the happer times when I don’t have to earn the money to live… Sigh… Just some of my favourite stuff in the 90’s:

“My name is Inigo Montoya… You killed my father… Prepare to die…” – an excerpt from the movie; The Princess Bride. Cary Elwes was one of the sexiest and funniest actor at that time. Another movie that he acted in was Robin Hood, Prince of Tights. F-U-N-N-Y!

Wet, Wet, Wet was another group that I like (besides NKOTB). If you are not familiar with them, their songs includes Love is all around, Julia says, Goodnight girl, and my favourite song, How long.

Fox Mulder was the ‘it’ guy back then. I mean, how can you not love him?! He’s funny, he’s cute, he likes UFOs (err… some might find that appealing…)…

I dunno why they never continue Asia Bagus. Najip Ali is the koolest VJ ever! He’s the pioneer of all VJs! An excellent show and the contestants were good (unlike some of the contestants in AF or watever singing contest they have now).

Kiss from a rose was the theme song of 1995 (94?). Back when Val Kilmer was still hot and not fat, and Nicole Kidman was the sexy psychologist. I remembered looking at Seal’s picture for the first time and trying to scratch off the ‘kudis’ from his face. Heh…

Moero Attack! At this point, EVERYONE wanted to be a volleyball player that can pukul bola like piring terbang and do sommersault berpusing when spiking the ball. Believe me when I say, don’t even think about trying it, it ain’t gonna happen. Almost broke my arms when I fell after trying to ‘berpusing’ on air… D****SS!

BTW, a quick baby update. We went for the 5/6 months injection on Saturday. She’s currently 7.1kg and 70cm long. Dunno wat’s the head circumference is. She don’t look big but as what Su Yin said, she will have endless legs, while the mommy only have toes… Heh…

A part of me died today…

He died at approximately 11.30am today… I’m too attached to him… Had him for 5 years… He was dying in pain, right in front of my eyes and died beside me when I was holding him down.
I know some will understand, and some will laugh, but he’s one of the love of my life…
Jojo, I will think of you all the time!

The one with the organizational chart

I took this from Cat’s blog. This is excellent! Not only we finally decide on our roles in the club, Cat also just wasted her time doing something useless (which is the motto of our club).
Janice, if you are reading, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! This is our birthday gift for you…
Cat, THIS is why we are friends… Brilliant man!

p/s: fire drill went fine. I got excited when I saw the superbike the Bomba got… Cun siut!!!

The one with the fire drill

I dunno what went wrong *coughBENJAMINcough* , but I’m a warden for my floor @ the ofis. Checkout the ‘Bob-the-builder’ hat. Today we’ll be having a fire drill for the whole building with Bomba. Kewl huh?! I’ve never participated in a fire drill (school not included) before. every single time, I’ll be exempted because some of us have to stay back and answer the calls! So this will be my first time ever, going down 18 floor of steps… Not that I’m unreliable but I was thinking, if in case of real fire, will I be calm and do as what I’m supposed to or will the survival instinct kicks in and I run for my own life and leave my floor behind?! Hmmm… For the time being, the only part that I’m liking about this whole fire drill is that I get to wear the hat!
p/s: The hat reminds me of Village People ‘YMCA’ video clip as well…. Heh…

The one with the right question…

Which is better:

  • Are you married?


  • Do you have kids?

Hypothetical situation:

You are in a conversation with someone you just meet. And you want to know whether she is married. How would you ask the question without getting her to think ‘Do I look like I’m married?’ or ‘Do I look like I’m old enough to have kids?’. Men might not care but ladies (not all… SOME only) will feel taken aback by the question.

This actually happened to me. So the conversation went like this:

Me: Do you have any of your own (I was @ the kids boutique Pepe)

Lady: Why? Do I look like I’m married (Duh! She was in a kids boutique!)

Me: You seem to have a very good taste with girl clothings (liar, liar, pants on fire!)

Me: Oh! Yes. I have 2 nieces. But no, I’m not married yet (aaaa! nieces!)

So embarassing! Fortunately, I’m also a good liar. :-p