The one with what other people are saying in their blogs…

Since I have nothing interesting to talk about, let’s discuss what other’s are saying in their blogs. But first and foremost, I’m 100% confident that Kady can drive. This morning, she was ‘driving’ and in the middle of it, she grabbed the gear and looked at me. I’m pretty sure she wanted to move the stick but the father told her, “belum boleh driving lagi… you belum ada lesen…”.

Cat says: Watched RE already (Resident Evil)

Hmm… I’m not much of a fan. I kno Janice lurves the movie. Zombies getting blast to pieces is not my type of story. But Milla Jovovich rawks! She kicks zombies ass in RE. This movie is like a dream come true for boys (guns, Milla’s endless legs, zombies…). Maybe I’ll get the DVD… See how my mood progress. If I feel like blasting somebody’s head off, I’ll watch it then.

Widie says: Hepi Besdei Zana!!

She’s 2 years old this year. So fast!!!! I remember visiting her when she was 2 days old (I think…). Sigh… We are SOOOO getting older… Anyway, to Zana, HAPPY SECOND BIRTHDAY!

Esah says: My Personality Info

I kno Esah is one genius minded person. I took the test as well. Checkout my results below. If you are interested to kno yours, click here.

Click to view my Personality Profile page

I-dee says: Single is simple?

Being single is not simple, but it’s not as complicated as being married. I agree with her that all those eating alone – no one to talk to – other frens having babies stuff will somehow gets to your head but what’s not to like? Pros of being single (IMO): you get to decide watever suits you best in any situation! In other words, ‘ME, ME, and ME’. If I didn’t fall in love with Abu (rolling my own eyes!), I would be living somewhere in Australia or USA, working abroad. I’ve always pictured myself NOT in Malaysia… I dunno why… Anywho, being single is not bad at all. Once in a month your parents might nag, or a nosy aunty/unlce might butt in and ask the ‘WHEN’ question. Ignore them… But word of advice, it never hurts to think about having a family…

Nina says: Shoe fetish

I’m glad that I’m over the ‘must-buy-shoe-every-week’ period. When I was in UIA, I bought slippers every month! I’m not much of a shoe person. I am, however, obsessed with slippers. At one time, I had 3 pairs of Roxy slippers of the same pattern only in different colours. My sister on the other hand, is Imelda Marcos’s long lost twin sister. Psycho girl has got her car full with shoe boxes… And now, Kady is also another mini version of her. But it’s not her fault. It’s mine… Can’t resist buying cute small shoes for her cute small feet.

Ida says: Eid Mubarak1428 preparation

I seriously haven’t done anything for raya this year. Since we are going back to Kuantan, I won’t be preparing anything for our house. Abu and I thought of having makan-makan at our place but then, we laugh it off. Not that I don’t welcome anyone to my house. Whoever wants to come, can let me know. I like people coming over to visit. It’s just that if we started planning on stuff, it will never happen. So, come one, come all to my small house! The worst that could happen is me serving you cat food for raya… Heheheheheheh….

For those who celebrates, SELAMAT HARI RAYA from my family. Maaf zahir batin… Halalkan makan minum… Again, if anyone wants to come for raya, by all means, you are welcome!


4 thoughts on “The one with what other people are saying in their blogs…

  1. ziana says:

    dude!!! selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin! come over to my place, no worries got food (read : import from my nenek’s house as usual).

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